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This is my first time being in a relationship 
there’s sometimes I’ve done things makes 
you feel this way towards me, 
being a girlfriend to you it’s very hard for me 
occasionally. Things don’t get it your way 
or hard for you get me to acknowledge. 
Will I ever learn to understand? 
You get frustrated at times, I have 
problem with things give me a hard time,
it’s be better if you take things slowly
take little baby steps. 
Would you be willing be more patient with me? 
Things you do, it’s go under my skin 
affect me and my feelings along 
with my actions, 
I was blind with my own feelings 
that’s cause me to walk away from 
the situation. 
Would you understand my reason? 
I know things don’t work out
as we plan, we would 
it’s be better to acknowledge, 
to know the reason why. 
I’m acting this way 
you’ve made things easier, 
if you just told me how I 
make you feel, 
instead of hold it in 
talked to her about it 
you’re shot me like I’m a bullet. 
Want to be good girlfriend to you, 
I try my best as I could, 
I still love you so much
whatever you say to her about 
things about I should’ve done differently, 
this has been hurt me for months 
the pain crawling back again. 
Could you just understand? 
This has hurt me so deep 
you’re doing it again 
not caring about our relationship bond, 
I’ve been a good girlfriend to you
throughout this whole months, 
it’s hard to explain it to you 
all you want to talk to her how I make you feel. 
Why are you doing this to our relationship connection? 
I know our personal feelings are important 
there’s something is missing 
that’s our relationship bond, 
I feel overwhelmed by the fact 
you’re making this too far, 
all I want our relationship bond to be strong 
talking to her about it, is not the answer
talk directly to me about it make things easier. 
Could you do that? 
We’ve been in a relationship for nine months 
you’ve made our relationship bond even worse 
than ever, I’m tired of you always talking to her, 
about our conflict. 
Can you make it easier on both of us? 
Our memory we had been with each other 
is spinning around inside my head, 
fire wave begin to rose from my body 
the pain is like a molten lava,
it’s makes my skin crack. 
How could you do this to our relationship bond? 
I’m screaming on top of my lungs,
I’ve been in this pain for nine months 
you don’t care about it, 
we’re not breaking up
just this pain is hurt me 
so deep. 
I want to be a good girlfriend to you, 
you’re making it even worse 
it’s will be better, 
if you just talk it out with me 
nobody else I’ll be alright. 


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