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When someone leaves us, 
We always say that our path in life
Will never be the same again.
And maybe we are all right...

 The next hug will never be the same as before,
The kiss no longer has the same
 Sweet taste as you used to,
And your power to love
Is no longer at the same intensity.

And you feel a huge void,
you feel useless because
 all the happy moments
 Have turned into tears.

And you want to scream,
 You want to lose your memory
 And burn everything in your heart, 
Because you are overthrown
By your own powers.

And how can you make the person
 Who has chosen to go in a different direction,
 Be able to love you exactly the way you want?

Maybe promised you
 That will always be with you only
That did not specify that "always"
 Has a validity date.

 l'd say it's about luck.
You can do anything for a person
 and never have access to his heart.

 And other people can do a lot for you,
But they can't have access inside you
Because they don't have the right key
 in their hand.

 But ... love will never be at the same intensity.
Because people know to leave deep traces
And they have the stupid habit
 Of never coming back.


  • Jun 16, 2020

  • Jun 16, 2020

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