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I lost my heart 
By leaving a piece to each person
 That I considered important in my life.

 I lost my mind among yesterday's life lesson,
When I had to take a step forward today,
 And leave people behind.

I look in the mirror
But it no longer reflects the same dreamer,
The same values that I hold firmly.

I lost the courage to be different
 And I became like everyone else
With a hypocritical smile.

 Nowadays, it is much easier to say
That you are happy when everyone asks you
Out of curiosity, and not because
 They really care.

I was holding my hand tight
And I tried to never fall,
 But life has on the menu tests empty inside,
with that make you "wake up"
To the harsh reality,
After you receive powerful hits
 From the people you never expected.

Sometimes I think life is a jungle...
 Where everyone is trying to survive
And we are easily transformed into wild beings,
Trying to get the things, we need to fight daily.

I lost sight of only seeing the good things.
I lost my confidence that tomorrow
Will be" the big day of my life."

I think no GPS model can find the emotions
 I lost, because now I use a stone
Instead of heart, that only moves
When it has to beat
And doesn't want to feel it anymore.


  • Jun 16, 2020

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