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I wonder, if my heart could replay
 All those beautiful moments
 that scream inside. 
Would my soul burn so easily, 
For the people who no longer live in it?

 What will happen to my emotions,
 if I always choose people
 Who cannot give me emotional stability?

 Dear time, dress my heart 
With the most tender embrace, 
Release my soul
 And leave it anesthetized.

 These types of hugs take my breath away
 And make me wonder 
If I am still alive
 Or if I have reached the eternal sky. 

Temporary people always 
Offer permanent lessons 
And their memory cannot be easily erased. 

There are days that seem the same 
But something in us changes 
And we are not more like yesterday. 

Time, you were born with a defect ... 
We cannot stop moments
 When we are truly fulfilled with love. 

But we know that everything 
Can be broken in a moment.
 Such as a wall torn down by an earthquake. 
And a fragile heart can suffered an attack. 

Even though time passes
 And nothing is eternal, 
I have kept in my soul moments full of magic.

 Prove love and fight for it.
 And don't forget,
 Time can be your friend but also an enemy. 
Use it only for create beautiful moments...


  • Jun 16, 2020

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