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December 2019 corona virus came

They told this virus on the news, they we're not sure if this is coming.
So they investigate, but they are still not sure.

March 17 2020.
All people got this virus.
All hospitals are full of people. Doctors, and nurses and everyone in the hospital is very busy because of this virus.

Some people in the hospital die, and survived
The people who survived was very thankful for all the doctors and nurses hard work.
But those people who die. All the nurse and everyone cries...
But of course those people who died is thankful too, because they work hard alot to save them.

Some people who has a house but doesn't even have enough money to pay bills,
And has alot of problems. They just take suicide.

While the others on the street. Couldn't eat, cause they don't even have a money to buy food and to rent a house.
Only people who has money has to help them,
But the others just walk passed them.
But this people who has only a bit of money, saved a lot so that they can help this people in the street. 

Those are the people that god is proud of.

God called them a ' Pure hearted person'.

A true story.

Written by:~ Hitomi Aizawa ~


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    Jun 16, 2020

  • Jun 16, 2020

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