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Hi, my name is hitomi aizawa. Age 11

I met a guy in a game roblox. We became friends and started to talked to each other. One day, he confess to me,
I was shocked when I heard that, he was the first person who confess to me... I couldn't say any words...
I kept thinking on what to say.. And finally I told him my answer.

We become a great couple, we would talk everyday, 
We would even prank each other. 
But that's not what I though.......

Until one day.....

Wed. 2nd of June. 2020
He broke up with me....I found out that he just used me that day.... I never chatted him or even talk to him...

After that day happen I never fall in love with boys.
I rejected all of them.
Its because, I don't want it to happened again.
For now, I'm just  trying to focus on the present.
I just wanted to write down my feelings and past to let this pain out of me.

The end.

A true story of ° Hitomi Aizawa °

Written by: ° Hitomi Aizawa °


  • Jun 16, 2020

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