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The 15th day of the calendar 
Reminds me,
 That another month has passed 
Without talking... 

For me, the 15th is every day, 
Because I always remember. 
As if it were yesterday, 
Even if almost a year has already 
Passed between us.

  My life has been as scattered
 As you know, 
With a few extra wounds.  
Yes, with more wounds than before. 

 I still travel alone, 
With a broken heart.
 I would go back in time,
 But the calendar does not want to cooperate. 

 I would like to know what you are doing,
 Although I know the answer.
You would say "I'm fine", 
Then you would remain quiet in my silence.

 When I think that you were
 With me for a few hours, 
And I wanted you for a lifetime, 
Maybe you didn't know what to offer me more,
 As I didn't know what I wanted.

 It's 15 again, 
The day that bleeds in my thoughts.
 It's 15 again.
  For me, everything that was important.


  • Jun 16, 2020

  • Titas Sengupta

    Titas Sengupta

    wonderfully expressed

    Jun 16, 2020

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