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(opening plays a piano)

(The opening shows a  full moon, that has the title ‘The Blue Guardians’ on it, then shows Amaya picking flowers, Ayaka with papers flying around her,  Chou holding a computer, and Emi taking pictures.

Then, it switches to a shadow snake attack Emi’s house, Emi has the circle around her, once it appears, Chou, Amaya, and Ayaka appear with their weapons behind Emi.

Chou, Amaya, and Ayaka destroy the monster.

The opening shows Emi holding her heart, her eyes black with a black background her and she is falling, a butterfly appear. 

The butterfly passes the school, where Ai writing math equations on the chalkboard, Azumi is checking all students passing through the hallway with a deadly glare, and Daoi is trying a prince outfit in a theater room.

A hand takes Emi’s hand and pulls her away, then the camera shows Emi’s eyes back to normal, and she sees her friends smiling at her by the house and she runs to them and kisses Daoi on the cheek) 

(The opening ends with showing Chou eating a cookie with a smile and wicks her right eye)

(The camera shows Ai eating strawberry French toast, when Tamia:a woman who has green hair, wearing a purple work dress and heels shows up behind her)

Ai (turns around): Mom.

Tamia (smiles): Ai, I have a special surprise.

Ai(suspicious): What kind of surprise?

Tamia: The kind that includes a car ride.

Ai: Okay.

(The camera shows Ai and Tamia in the car and sees a tall school building with teenagers in fancy uniform)

Ai(angry): Mom!

Tamia (pushes Ai out of the car and gives her a bookbag): You are to stay here until tomorrow,  don't worry you'll be happy here, that you won't notice that you're friends aren't here. (Closes the door and drives off)

Ai: Mom! 

(The camera shows Ai dragging her bag and looking angry)

Ai: Stupid mom, I wish I could live with my relatives. (Looks at her and goes to a picture of her friends) (sighs) No service 

(A hand taps on Ai's back, Ai turns around and sees a girl who has long curly green hair, wearing a blue shirt, purple skirt, and blue shoes with a smiling face. Her name is Juneba)

Juneba (with hands on her hip): You got ditched by your mother.

Ai: Yes, are you like that?

Juneba: Yep, still trying to find a way out.

Ai: Can you help you?

Juneba: Of course, If I get a kiss from you

Ai (blushed): What?

Juneba: Just one.

Ai: If it will get here. Okay (kisses Juneba on the cheek)

Juneba: Impressive, I expected you to be the stereotypical nice girl.

Ai (blushed): Well, I'm kind of part of that cliche.

Juneba: Let's go, What's your name?

Ai: Ai, and you?

Juneba: Juneba.

(The camera switches to Azumi looking at her phone)

Azumi: Something is wrong 

Ayaka: What makes you think?

Azumi: Because Ai hasn't called.

Ayaka: I could teleport you to where she is.

Azumi: Right. I forgot, please do.

Ayaka: Okay (puts out her right hand) take my hand. (Azumi takes Ayaka's hand, and they disappear)

(The camera switches to Azumi and Ayaka in front of a school gate)

(Ayaka tries enter through the gate, but a shield blocked her)

Ayaka: that's powerful magic like Chou's but different.

Azumi: I guess I'll have to go on my own.

Ayaka: Wait! I sense hundreds of shadow demons, we should bring Chou and Amaya.

Azumi: It could be dangerous.

(A purple star appears, and Amaya, Chou Emi, and Daoi come out of the star, then the star disappears)

Daoi: Azumi, sup.

Emi: Yo!

Azumi: Ai's mother sent Ai here, we gotta get her.

Chou (touches the shield and her eyes glow): I can take this shield down.

Ayaka: Also, there is hundreds of shadow demons behind the shield

Emi: What?

Amaya: We can handle it.

Daoi: Why would shadow demons be here?

Ayaka: Probably because of the human souls.

(Chou pulls out her weapon and destroys the shield)

Azumi: Impressive.

Amaya: Be impressed later (pulls out her weapons and destroys a shadow demon that is in the form of a snake)

Ayaka: You noticed that already?

(As they pass the shield, an army of shadow demons. One of the shadow demons tries to come at Emi. So, Amaya slices it without even blinking)

Emi: Thank you

Ayaka: Be careful, they can sense your power.

(Emi backs up)

(Ayaka, Chou, and Amaya slice the shadow demons, but some of them try to get Emi)

(Daoi protects Emi, which makes the shadow demon stop. Chou noticed behind Daoi is an aura of a giant wolf)

(The giant wolf takes out a bunch of shadow demons)

(Ai and Juneba are walking through the hallway and are smiling, while talking)

(Ai's phone beep)

Ai: Azumi is here.

Juneba (laughed): Girlfriend or yours.

Ai (blushed): She's just a friend.

Juneba: uhmmm… does she like you like a friend or treats you special?

Ai (plays with her fingers): She...well...uh!

Juneba: Would she hate that if I kissed you. 

Ai: Why would you? We just met you.

Juneba:  Yet you kissed me on the cheek.

Ai (blushed): That's different 

Juneba: I'm just messing with you, want to be friends.

Ai: Sure, my friends said they are by the entrance.

Juneba: Well, I can help you.

Ai: Thank you.

(At that moment, Ayaka teleports Emi, Azumi, and Daoi inside the school, which is where Ai and Juneba are)

Ai (shocked, yet happy): Azumi! Emi! Daoi!

Juneba (looks at Azumi and smiles): So, she's Azumi

Azumi (looks at Juneba): Who are you?

Juneba: Juneba (puts her arm around Ai) Ai's new friend

Ai: Sorry, I didn't introduce you, girls this is Juneba. She's a new friend.

Juneba (winks with her arm around Ai): Sup.

Azumi: So, Juneba, thanks for taking care of Ai.

Juneba (smiles): Of course.

Ai(looking at Juneba): Want to come with us?

Juneba: Sure.

Azumi (smiling): excuse us (pulls Ai away)

(Azumi take Ai to an empty classroom)

Ai: What? What's wrong?

Azumi: Chou, Amaya, and Ayaka are fighting shadow demons, and there are quite a lot here

Ai: Will they be okay?

Azumi: They are from other dimension they can handle themselves 

(Ai feels a strong presence, which makes her eyes temporarily glow, which Azumi notice)

Azumi (concerned): Ai, are you okay?

Ai: The shadow demons are inside the school too

Azumi: Emi!

(Azumi and Ai run out the classroom)

(Once Azumi and Ai exit the room, they see a bunch of shadow demons surrounded by Emi, but not attacking)

Azumi: They aren't attacking.

Emi: The shadows are taking human souls from this school, this place is under a portal.

Ai (eyes widened): Juneba! (Runs away)

Azumi: Ai! Wait!

Emi: Who's Juneba? A new friend of hers here, we should help her (runs away)

(Ayaka, Chou, and Amaya are still fighting)

Chou: They keep coming.

Ayaka: (looks up) Stop! (points to the sky) look

Amaya: This place is a home system.

Ayaka: Exactly, we can't destroy them like this.

Chou: Then, we have to find the source.

Ayaka: I have an idea (points to the roof) where that is?

(Chou, Ayaka, and Amaya nodd, then splits)

(Azumi, Daoi, and Emi run through the hallway)

(The screen switches to Ai holding Juneba, who looks weak)

Ai: It'll be okay, my friends can help you.

Juneba: Thanks

(A door opens)

Azumi: Ai, you're okay.

Ai: Azumi, Juneba's soul is slipping away.

Chou: That's because of the main source, Ai and Daoi, we need your help.

(Daoi and Ai look at each other)

Daoi and Ai: Us

(The screen shows Amaya and Ayaka making a pyramid, so Daoi and Ai touches it with Chou defending Emi and Juneba)

(The pyramid releases a golden aura around the school)

(Juneba gets up)

Ai: Juneba.

Juneba: was I out long?

(Ai tackles Juneba, and gives her a kiss on her cheek)

(Azumi looks upset)

Azumi: (splits Ai and Juneba) Yeah, that's great, we should leave.

Ai: But, my mom.

Azumi: Forget her, you can stay at my house.

Ai (blushed): I can.

Azumi: Yeah (blushes) if you want

Ai: Of course I would  (looks at Juneba)

Juneba: Forget about me, I'll be fine

Chou: Why don't you stay with us?

Emi (surprised): What?

Juneba: Really! I wouldn't be a bother.

Ayaka: No, there are plenty of rooms.

Juneba: I would love to.

Emi (complained to Ayaka and Chou): Hey! You can't randomly invite people to my house.

Amaya: How selfish can you be, she nearly got her soul taken, yet you won't invite her to your own house.

Emi: (pouts) Fine (folds her arms) Whatever.

Juneba: I think i'm going to like this group of friends.

(The episode ends)


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