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When i was student, i talked about then...i was a fat girl in my class. But i couldn't care this...

One day,we went to do a practical class of biology... i couldn't like my biology teacher. Because of i couldn't like the biology subject. That day, we do the practical of 'BMI'. He or she was doing the practical as their wished. Since i was fat, so i didn't like to do that. But, my teacher knew me better. Suddenly, he asked, "where is the girl of chowdhury?" Oh!it's my bad fortune. How can i  will take my weight front much student. No...!

But become teacher's command, i should go there...everyone looked at me like a fish. I  became so embarrassed. Then i took my weight. After sum gave me bad result... offfs!you want to what's the result....? The result is, 'my weight was 72 kg and i have in danger zone.even i will die.'But interestingly, i still live..you want to know how much my weight now?don't say....😋😂

(Written by Ayesha Siddiqa) 


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    Jun 16, 2020

  • Jun 16, 2020

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