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I saw her unhappy 
And that made me unhappy too. 
 Blood flowed from her heart, 
Flowing over my soul too.

  I saw her crying 
And I wanted to wipe away her tears.
 But I started to cry,
 Oh, how much I miss... 

 Now she's with him, 
But he can't love the way I do it.
And that hurts me, 
It hurts her too.  

I always wanted to see her happy, 
Even if I wasn't the reason.
Her smile is erased,
 And that leaves me breathless.  

When she saw me,
 She tried to hide her sadness
 Behind a fake smile.
But I know her too well,
To realize it's just a lie. 

 I didn't tell her anything, 
Maybe she wouldn't understand, 
How much I wanted 
Bo be in his place.  

She looked at me like a stranger, 
While I felt myself dying inside, 
Her smile today 
Is no longer the one she once wore.  

He asked her why she was looking at me,
 She told another lie,
 That she didn't remember my name, 
But that I seemed familiar to her.


  • Jun 16, 2020

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