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The blue guardians 

(The show opens with Chou watching TV while eating cherries in a bowl, the TV is flashing lights)

Chou (eating): Is this how all masters and servants act?

(The camera switches to Ayaka, who's getting a book from Emi's bookshelf, and walks to a desk that filled with more books and a chair by the desk; she sits down and opens the book)

Ayaka (Looking at the book): fascinating, who knew that people write stories about people risking their lives for people they love

(Last, the camera shows Amaya in a room filled with flowers, she spins around, and smell all the flowers)

Amaya (spinning): Whatever these things are they smell wonderful (put her hand on her heart trying to make a smile)

(opening plays a piano)
(The opening shows a  full moon that has the title 'The Blue Guardians' on it, then shows Amaya picking flowers, Ayaka with papers flying around her,  Chou holding a computer, and Emi taking pictures.
Then, it switches to a shadow snake attacking Emi's house, Emi has the circle around her, once it appears, Chou, Amaya, and Ayaka appear with their weapons behind Emi.
Chou, Amaya, and Ayaka destroy the monster.
The opening shows Emi holding her heart, her eyes black with a black background and she is falling, a butterfly appears. 
The butterfly passes the school, where Ai writes math equations on the chalkboard, Azumi is checking all students passing through the hallway with a deadly glare, and Daoi is trying a prince outfit in a theater room.
A hand takes Emi's hand and pulls her away, then the camera shows Emi's eyes back to normal, and she sees her friends smiling at her by the house and she runs to them and kisses Daoi on the cheek) 

(The opening ends with showing Chou eating a cookie with a smile and wicks her right eye)

(The camera shows Emi eating donuts with Daoi, Azumi, and Ai walking on the sidewalk)

Azumi: Emi, you're going to have to eat a healthier breakfast.

Emi: Leave me be, I like jelly donuts.

Azumi: Well, I like cookies, but that doesn't mean I will be eating every day.

Emi: Well, that's you not me.

(Daoi wipes some jelly off Emi's face)

Emi (blushed): Thank you.

Daoi: You always eat too fast.

Ai: So, true.

(Azumi laughs)

Emi: Leave me be.

Ai (looks at Emi): Do you really think we should leave Chou, Amaya, and Ayaka at your house.

Emi: I'm not bringing them to school besides they'll be fine.

Azumi: Too bad, I wanted to analyze them more, especially Ayaka, she seems the smartest.

Ai: I find Amaya interesting, this morning I found her in the Flower room.

Daoi: I saw Chou watching some of your BL videos.

Emi: So.

Daoi (with glitter in her eyes): We find it cute, that is doing stuff normal people do.

Ai: Can you call them here? So we can teach them more about being human.

Azumi (looks at Emi): Yeah, it would be great, plus it would be better for them to watch over you closely.

Emi: Fine (her eyes glow, while holding out her hand) Chou, Ayaka, and Amaya appear.

(The camera shows a bright purple star appeared in the sky, then opens, and who come out of it is Chou, Amaya, and Ayaka wearing Emi's school uniform)

Emi (angry): Hey, why are you wearing my uniforms?

Ayaka (holding a book): I sensed that Ai, Daoi, and Azumi wanted us to come to school with them to find out more about us.

Emi: (angry) Next time (takes a deep breath) Next time ask for my permission

Chou: Fine.

Ayaka: I understand.

Amaya: Seems reasonable.

Emi: Great (looks at her friends) Happy now?

(Azumi walks up to Ayaka with stars in her eyes, then turns to Emi)

Emi:(groans) (looks Ayaka) Ayaka, could you let Azumi teach you more stuff about the human world in her way.

Ayaka (looks at Azumi): Of course, besides I would like to know more about these 'books' that you humans created.

Azumi: (eyes glitter up) I know just the place (takes Ayaka's hand and leads her to the school)

Ai (walks up to Amaya and hands her a rose): Here. (Amaya takes it) There are flowers, this kind of flower is called a rose.

Amaya: (sniffs the rose) A rose.

Ai: Let me show you something (Ai gets another Rose from her basket and put the rose in Amaya's hair,  then she shows Amaya a portable mirror) 

(Amaya looks at herself in the mirror with fascination)

Ai: It can be used as accessories (takes Amaya's hand) I can show you more, if you want.

(Amaya looks at Emi)

Emi: Okay, Amaya you can go with Ai, and Chou you can go with Daoi.

Ai (with a smile):Thank you, Emi (running with Amaya to the back of the school)

Daoi: I appreciate this, you want to come with us.

Emi (shrugs her shoulders): Sure, why not I got nothing better to do.

(The camera switches to Ai and Amaya in the garden. Amaya is standing, and Ai is observing the flowers up close)

Ai: Okay, which flower do you want to learn about.

(Amaya points to blue flowers by a shovel)

Ai: Oh! Those are lillies. I find them soothing (takes Amaya's hand and puts on a lily) You can pick one by gently.

(Amaya picks the lily up carefully)

Amaya: Ai, I would like to know more about flowers, what you do with them, what kind of flowers do you know.

(Ai smiles)

Ai (shows Amaya more roses): Well, flowers can be used as a present for family, friends, and people that you love in a romantic.  It can also be a show people like somebody during performances.

Ai (shows Amaya sunflowers): Each flower has a different story, like these ones it's bright like the sun and gives you positive energy. They are called sunflowers.

(Amaya looks at the sunflowers, then Ai shows her daisies, Dandelions,and tulips)

(The camera switches to Daoi taking Chou to an empty art room, where they see a group of teenagers reading manga)

The group (gets up and puts their manga down): Daoi!

Daoi: Hey! Come in Chou.

(Chou walks in slowly)

Chou: Hello.

A girl: You have a new girlfriend.

Daoi: (shocked) What? (leans her shoulder against Chou) You know you would never cheat on my Emi.

A boy: Emi? Why do you want to date her? You two are different from each other.

Daoi (with stars in her eyes): That's not what my heart says.

Chou: Speaking of heart, how does it work?

A girl (laughs): She's kidding, right?

Chou: I'm afraid not.

Daoi: Guys and Girls meet Chou.

Chou: Pleasure to meet you.

(The camera shows a circle with a star in the middle appear over Chou, which amazed everybody by)

A boy: She's an alien.

Chou: I'm from a dimension that's in-between light and darkness.

The group (amazed): Wow!

(The camera switches to Azumi showing Ayaka the library)

(Ayaka's eyes glow, which make ten books appear in Ayaka's arms)

 Azumi (with a smile): Welcome to the library, where you can find the most amazing books 

Ayaka (looking inside a purple book): Tell me do all books have different themes.

Azumi: Yes, they do, you know you seem to learn fast, I didn't know you knew what a theme is.

Ayaka (shows a dictionary): I found out the word from this.

Azumi: Oh! 

Azumi: Impressive 

Ayaka: (looks at Azumi's smile and smiles back) You have a nice smile

(Azumi blushes)

Ayaka: Is it normal for humans to turn red? Or is it inky in these books labeled 'romance'.

Azumi (tries to hide her face): It's normal to blush, you do it, when you feel shy, embarrassed, or flattered

(Ayaka takes notes of what Azumi is saying)

Azumi: Forget that, we are here to help you fit in with regular humans and in order to do that, we need you to find a nice place to practice and this place is perfect.

Ayaka (smiles): I hope you i can learn interesting from you

Azumi: me too

(A person with long blond hair with pink highlights, wearing sunglasses on her head, and a regular school uniform appears and walks up to Azumi)

(Azumi and Ayaka were starting to hit the books, then notice the person by her)

Azumi: Hello, Kamiri

Kamiri (glowing aura) (looking at Ayaka): Who are you?

Ayaka: Who are you?

Kamiri: Kamiri, i'm a classmate of Azumi, we're library friends

(Ayaka looks at Azumi)

Azumi (whispers): Try to shake her hand, it's friendly

(Ayaka gets up, holds out her hand, and shakes Kamiri's hand and smiles)

Ayaka: my name is Ayaka, sorry I didn't mean to be rude, but I'm not used to talking to people

Kamiri: okay, nice  to meet you

Ayaka (fake smiles): you too

Azumi: So, Kamiri, do you need something?

Kamiri: (digs into her bag, gets a book, and gives it to Azumj) Here.

(Azumi eyes lit up and her smile rises)

Kamiri (smiles): I finished it and my friend helped me, hope you like it

Azumi (eyes lit up and still smiling): I will! I will! I will! Thank you!

Ayaka (thought): she makes her smile easily, interesting 

Azumi: (turns to Azumi) (whispers) Sorry, I get overjoyed we will continue my experiment.

Ayaka (whispers): How about she helps you, plus her aura is bothering me, so I can learn to handle people that weird auras or personality 

Azumi (winks) (whispers): Good idea

(Kamiri looks at Azumi and Ayaka whispering, then she notice she is a third wheel)

Ayaka (looks at Kamiri): Sorry, if we made you feel left out, Kamiri, but I can fix that. We're doing an activity together and I need your help

Kamiri (confused): Me?

Ayaka: Yes, can you introduce me to people that you know?

Kamiri (thought): What's she up to?

Kamiri (smiles): Okay.

Ayaka (thought): True, I'm not interested in her, but I want to see how Azumi acts around other people, so this is the best way to get my notes.

(The screen goes to Ai and Amaya, where Amaya is dancing through the garden and then, a girl who has long curly blonde hair, wearing a white school uniform and has a blank expression on her face. Her name is X)

(X runs to Amaya, and observe her closely)

X (smiles): It's nice to meet an alien, which dimension is you from

Amaya: Who are you?

X (poses): My name is Xandria, most people call me X, I'm into the supernatural and the weird, so I did research on all kinds of things.

Amaya (shaking X's hand): Pleasure to meet you

X: You too, but crushing my hand, won't work. I'm immune to that effect

Amaya: Are you human?

X: I am, but doctors did say I have some hidden abilities that normal humans don't.

Amaya: Maybe we could be friends, so I can introduce you to Ayaka

X: Sure, What's with the flowers.

Amaya (smiles, as she holds roses): Aren't they pretty? 

X: You're not used to human life

Amaya: Yeah, is it that obvious?

X: What dimension?

Amaya: It's in-between light and dark

X: So, my prediction was right, why did you come here.

Amaya: that's classified.

X: I'll find out soon enough, bye (walks away)

(The screen goes to Chou and Daoi)

(Daoi shows a manga scene that features two males that are watching the sunset rising and is explaining stuff with passion and has sparkles in her eyes)

Chou: Impressive 

Daoi: What?

Chou: Sorry, it's just you look so cute as you explain that manga.

(Daoi blushes)

Everybody: Daoi blushed!

A girl: Only one person has ever done that.

Daoi (embarrassed): Don't misunderstand. I was just blushing from a compliment from a friend.

Others: sure

Daoi: doesn't matter if you believe me, anyway Chou I have the perfect manga for you.

Chou: which one?

(Daoi leads Chou to a bookshelf that contains many manga, Daoi pulls one of the manga that makes the bookshelf move and behind it is a basement setting that has a carpet, couch, vase, a shelf full of figurines of anime, etc. On a table, there is a manga. Daoi gives the manga to Chou)

Chou: The Boy and the wind.

Daoi: It was the first one I read and I'll bet you will love it.

Chou: Really? I'll give it a chance, but I'll need Ayaka's help.

Daoi: You can't read.

Chou (with a nervous smile): a few words.

Daoi: I'll help.

Chou (smiles): Thank you

(The episode ends with each of the girls with Emi's friend)


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