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(The camera shows Daoi,Azumi, and Ai walk away, then Zi get up slowly, while looking up she sees Miya who has an evil glare on her face)

Zi (shocked, yet scared): Miya?

Miya (putting her hands on Zi's cheek, while on her knees): Poor Zi, you tried so far, but they don't trust you

Zi (still on her knees): But, I can trust you, of course?

Miya: Of course (holds out her hand) just take my hand

(Zi takes Miya's hand, which is when a bunch of shadows surround them)

(The camera shows Emi, Ai, Azumi, and Daoi heading to a house)

Ai: Emi! don't you think you were too harsh?

Emi: It's her fault for trying to make a fool out of me, Daoi how about we have some tea?

Daoi (following Emi): Herbal tea?

Emi (about to open the gate): Great

(The screen shows the door, Emi sees Amaya, Ayaka, and Chou by her door.

(The camera shows Amaya is front of Chou and Ayaka

Amaya: Emi Yatsuki, we've come to make a contract for you

Emi (dramatically): Zi! Is some kind of joke?

(The screen switches back to the show)

Chou (holding onto her weapon): assure you, that this is quite real, and we came to protect you

Emi (giggled): Protect me, from what?

(The camera shows from the distance that a mysterious thing drops to the ground, creating a huge hole; Emi looks up, see a big black spider a.k.a. Shadow Demons, and scream)

(Emi crawls slowly away from the creature, but it doesn't attack her)

Ei (looks at Miya): What does it want?

Miya: She (with a wicked smile and red eyes) She is a human, but corrupted, only your power can help

Emi (doubted): My power? What? I have no power

Miya: (points to Emi) On the contrary, you are the power of darkness (showing her black wings) and i'm Miya, your loyal servant

Daoi (disbelieved): There no way, right Emi?

Emi (touching the shadow creature): Daoi, I want to believe that, but I can feel her heart".

(Ai was shocked to hear this along with Azumi)

(Emi's eyes glow green and the demon takes Emi in the air wrapping itself to 

Ayaka ( trying reach for Emi's hand, but miss): Ms. Yatsuki!

Ai (panicked): What's happening? Miya!

Miya (smiling): Her power is being awake

Daoi (anger): Miya, if anything happen to her

Miya: (holds out her hand) This is beyond your power

(Miya snaps her fingers making a strong amount of green energy that makes more demons appear and surround Daoi, Ai, and Azumi)

Azumi (looks at Zi with hope): Zi! You can't trust this girl, she isn't the Miya, you knew

Zi (angry): Why would you care? All I am to you is a classmate

Azumi: (shakes her head),You're wrong, I care about you and my friends deeply, I would never wish any harm.

Zi (holds out her hand releasing a strong wind and dark energy):Stop. I had enough of your lies, nobody cared about me except Miya (the dark energy turns to a giant shadow demon)

(Azumi is taken by the shadow demon

Ai (runs after Azumi as she is being taken): Azumi!

(Emi is being slowly taken away by the darkness)

Daoi (looks at Emi and reaches for the sky): EMI, there has to be a way to save you (tears come down)

Ayaka (touches Dhoni's head): Tell to form a contract

(Daoi looks at Ayaka with little hope and tears still in her eyes)

Daoi (looks at the darkness with anger): Emi, say I'll form a contract

(The camera shows Emi inside the darkness)

Emi (touches her heart): I wish to make a contract

(The camera shows The demons disappear with one slices, and Emi in the Chou's arms, along with Ayaka and Amaya are slaying the other demons.

(Chou's arm shows symbols around it and glows. The symbols surround Emi)

Amaya (with a star symbol by her): I call a contract.

(The star symbol send a bright aura around Emi)

Ayaka (with a card symbol around her): A contract that can never be broken

(The card will send a bright aura that's formed into lines, then turns to a triangle, around Emi)

Chou (with her eyes glowing): The contract from the in-between, the contract that will protect you, Emi Yatsuki

Amaya: (holds out her hand) Do you accept?

Emi (touch Amaya's hand): I accept

(The camera shows the aura turns big and shows star, card, and a triangle around a circle)

(The camera shows Emi's arms glow, just like Chou's. Amaya, Ayaka, and Chou's weapon starts to glow.

(The camera switches to Emi lands safely on the ground, and gets hugged by her friends. Emi looks at Amaya, Ayaka, and Chou fighting shadow demons, then going after Zi and Miya.
Zi and Miya send a wave of dark energy, which heads toward Daoi, Emi gets in the way of creating a shield.
Their weapons glow releases pure white energy in the shape of a dragon that attacks Zi and Miya, but only Miya disappeared, yet Zi is unconscious)

Ayaka: It's over

Emi (shocked) : Thank you

Ayaka (confused): Huh?

Azumi: What? Never heard of thank you

Chou: I'm afraid not, not in our world

Ai: Your world?

Amaya: Yup, we may appear human, but we are way different than that

Ayaka: Do you acquire us to tell you?

Azumi (whispers): She saying, do you want to know more about them? 

Emi: Well, since formed that contract, my answer would be yes. 

Emi: How do you know me?

Amaya: We got the information from our boss, we get info about the center of darkness a.k.a. you 

Chou: And before you ask we cannot give any information on our boss, that's confidential".

Amaya: Any more questions?.

Azumi (with a pencil and notebook): What's your world like?

Daoi: How often will those Shadow demons appear?

Ai: And was Emi born with those powers or did she just get them or did she have them all along and never knew?

(The camera switches to them in the house on the couch.)

Ayaka: Emi was born with the power, and now it's unlocked

Amaya: The shadow demons could appear anytime, but no more will appear today. Chou put up a shield

(Chou makes her hand glow making an aura that looks like a line of arrows surround the house and turn to a tent that shields the house)

(Everybody looked shocked)

Ai: Whoa! 

Azumi: So, your name is Chou (points to Chou)

Chou: (looks at Emi's CD collection) Yes, I was assigned

Ai: (points to Ayaka) what's your name? 
Ayaka: my name is Ayaka 

Ai (points to Amaya): And you?

Amaya: Amaya.

Emi (grabs her cd): So, Chou. The shield how long does it last

Chou: (picking up a cd and looks at it): It will last for as long as you stay in the house 

Emi (leans against the wall and looks at the moon) Shadow demons, huh?

(The episode ends like that)


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