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(The camera shows the blue moon, and three different girls looking at it. A woman who has long black hair in a ponytail, wearing a black jacket, black shirt,black jeans, and black boots named Amaya).

Amaya (thought): A contract.

(The camera shows a woman has long curly brown hair, wearing a white jacket, white shirt, white pants, and white boots named Ayaka)

Ayaka (thought): A contract that we could never break.

(The camera shows a woman who has long blond hair, wearing dark brown jacket, dark brown shirt, pants, and boots named Chou)

Ayaka, Amaya, and Chou (standing by each other): To protect the most powerful people

(The camera shows the three woman beside each other fight shadow demons that resemble giant bunnies)

Amaya (off camera): But, that was only a law

(The camera shows Chou slicing more demons)

Chou(thought, while fighting): We never knew anything about love

(The camera shows Amaya jump on Ayaka's back, flares her scepter in the air, and summons a strong amount of light aura. This destroys the rest of the demons.

(Amaya lands on the ground safely, and look at the sky)

Amaya(thought, wiping the her face with her hand): Not knowing the word made us indifferent 

(The camera shows Ayaka walking to an old tree, leans on it, and looks at the sky)

Ayaka (thought): But it didn't matter after all, we don't care about anybody

(The camera shows Amaya massaging Ayaka's shoulder)

Chou(thought):Even though we work together, we didn't even show affections for each other

(The screen shows Chou looks at Ayaka and Amaya, when she sees symbols on her arms glowing, this brings her out of the trance)

Chou (walks up to Ayaka and Amaya with an emotionless face): Its time

(Ayaka and Amaya look at Chou with the same emotionless face)

(Together, Ayaka and Amaya touch Chou's hand, two lines of purple aura appears, the lines fly up into the sky, a light shines in the light turns into a star, which takes Chou,Ayaka, and Amaya away)

Chou, Ayaka, and Amaya (thought as they teleport) And the law is our only way, or so we thought

(The camera shows a middle schooler who has a pink hair, blue eyes, wearing a orange school uniform running named Emi, while waving at her friends)

(The camera shows the friends are by the school gate)

Emi: Ai!

(The camera shows a middle schooler who has green hair, wearing the same school uniform named Ai turn around from her friends)

Ai (waves at Emi, and smiles): Emi!

(Emi slips on a rock, and lands in the arms of Ai's, but gets swooped away)

(A middle schooler who has short brown hair, wearing a red boy`s uniform named Daoi holds Emi tight) 

Daoi( winks): Careful, my sweet flower

Emi (blushes, playing with her fingers): Daoi, I told you not call me that here.

Daoi (smiles): Why? Everybody knows about us

Emi (looks straight at Daoi): Everybody at home! And you know the president will chew your head off for wearing that.

(The camera shows a tall middle schooler who has silver hair, wearing a purple school uniform named Azumi, has purple aura over her)

Azumi: That's right, and I also warned you about public displays of affection.

Daoi(still,holding onto Emi with a sad look on her face): Why? It's a hug

Azumi(moves Daoi): Because it gives the students, the idea that they can make out, whenever they like (points to Daoi's outfit, the camera features on it) Didn't I tell you not to wear that outfit.

Daoi(looking cute): But the boy's uniform looks so cute on me.

(Azumi drags Daoi into the school)

Daoi(while being dragged): Well, I'm in the dog house again.

(Daoi blows a kiss to Emi)

(The other students smile and talk to each other)

Emi (puts her hand on her forehead): Why does she always embarass me (then walks away, taking Ai's hand)

(The camera switches to Ai and Emi walking in the hallway)

Emi (finally letting go of Ai's hand): What will you do next year?

Ai (blushed): You heard?

Emi (puts her hand on Ai's shoulder): Of course

Ai: I tried to keep my intelligence a secret.

Emi: Which I never got, and by the way, your mother was the one that told me

Ai (looking sad): She wants to go to a private academy for geniuses, but I don't want to leave Azumi, Daoi, or you

Emi(pats Ai's head): Don't worry, we won't let that happen

Ai (smiles): Thank you

(The screen shows Ai open the sliding classroom door, which is when they see the students with dark auras and with their head on the desk looking like ghost)

(Ai hides behind Emi)

Emi (hits the desk, which gets everybody to lift their head): What's wrong with all of you?

One student with pink hair: Ghosts are haunting this school

(Emi smiles, and laughs)

(Ai still looks nervous)

Emi: You actually believe that silly rumor about ghosts taking away the teachers, so he can pass his grade and that the teachers never come back.

(The camera shows a girl who has platinum hair, wearing a red shirt, green skirt, white socks and black shoes gets up from her seat named Zi)

Zi (touching her heart): It's true, and I can prove it

(Emi stops laughing)

Emi (looks at Zi with a serious face): Really?

Zi(balling her fists): Yeah, why

A person who has red hair: Well, it's rumored that you hate ghosts

(The camera shows a girl who has silver blue hair, wearing a a black dress, looking at a book named Miya and smiles)

Zi (determined): True, but that's more of a reason to vanish the ghost (looking  at Emi) the help of the dark aura

Emi (with a purple aura around her): Who exactly are you calling a dark aura?

(Everybody including Zi is shocked)

Zi(nervous): I meant it in the nicest possible way, you're just so fierce, that the ghost wouldn't dare come near you

Emi:(shrug her shoulder) I guess I could help, but after class

(The camera shows A woman who has short curly brown hair, wearing a red dress named Asa Kanon, leaning on the wall)

Asa Kanon(smiled): There will be no need, do to a shortage of teachers, classes are cancelled

(The camera shows another woman who has short, black curly hair, wearing a red jacket, pink dress, and pinkish red heels; holding a notebook named Oogami Wako.

Oogami Wako: So, go ghost hunting to your heart's content, but remember to be back by curfew, (she looks at Azumi) Keep an eye on them, class president

Azumi (saluted): Understood 

Oogami Wako (puts a thumbs up): Good

Asa Kanon: (waves goodbye) See ya, and good luck 

(Ms. Wako and Kanon walk away)

Emi (annoyed, and looking at Zi) Fine, where is this ghost? Located?

Zi (takes Emi's hand, leading her) Follow me

Azumi (runs after them) Hey! Wait up!"

Ai and Daoi (follows them): Don't leave us behind".

Miya: (warming smile) Good luck (creepy smile) Especially you, Emi

(The other students watch Emi and her friends as they head for the ghost's location)

(The camera shows a background of a dark room and Azumi holding a stick like a sword)

(The camera switches to a background of red roses, the dark room, and Emi looking anger with a purple presence behind her)

(Back to the show, Zi leads everybody to a classroom door)

Ai (curious): Is this it?

Zi: Yes, this is the ghost's chambers

Daoi (opens the door): Well, let's go

(Inside the classroom, they see cobwebs, a big red spot on the wall, chairs, and desks knocked over, along with an black chalkboard with the words 'Welcome teachers, class is in session'.) 

Zi: See this place is haunted

Daoi: I think you mean is like a haunted house 

(Azumi enters the room, looking around)

Azumi: Yeah. This place is a fake

Emi (follows behind Azumi) I expected nothing less

Daoi (follows Emi) Good thing, I didn't bring my camera, this is lame

Ai (hugs Azumi's waist tightly) Haunted house or not, I don't like it

Emi (touches Ai's shoulder with both hands): Ai, listen all this is fake and i'll prove it

(Emi walks up to the where the red spot is and touches it)

EMI (holding out her hands): See no blood

Zi and AI (sighed): I guess you're right.

Emi (smile): See, now that is settled

Emi (grabs Zi's shirt, pulling her close): Now. Who started that rumor about that dark aura?

Azumi: It's a metaphor for your anger, don't take it too hard.

Emi (punches a hole in the wall, with her head down not showing her eyes) I'm leaving

(Emi leaves the classroom, heading out, with her friends)

Ai (looks at Zi)  Zi, are you leaving too?" 

Zi (on her knees): Yeah. I can't return there after being humiliated like that.

Ai (touches Zi's shoulder): Listen, I understand, I have had moments like that

Zi: Yeah. But, I worked so hard about my reputation.

(Emi gives a dramatic glare at Zi)

Zi (her head is on Emi's foot): What reputation? Your a coward trying to prove a point, you will never survive this world like that".

Zi (stuttered): You...aren't...any...better

Emi (moves her foot off Zi's face and walks away): You think so, i'm not the one afraid of fictional things,bye

(Daoi,Azumi, and Ai walk away, then Zi get up slowly, while looking up she sees Miya who has an evil glare on her face)

Zi (shocked, yet scared): Miya?

Miya (putting her hands on Zi's cheek, on her knees): Poor Zi, you tried so hard, but they don't trust you.

Zi (still on her knees) : But, I can trust you, of course?

Miya: Of course ( holds out her hand) just take my hand

(Zi takes Miya's hand, this summons a bunch of shadows that surround Miya and Zi)

(The camera shows Emi, Ai, Azumi, and Daoi heading to a house)

Ai: Emi! don't you think you were too harsh?

Emi: It's her fault for trying to make a fool out of me, Daoi how about we have some tea

Daoi (following Emi to her house): Herbal tea?

Emi (about to open the gate): Great

(At the door, Emi sees Amaya, Ayaka, and Chou by her door)

(Amaya is in front of Chou and Ayaka)

Amaya: Emi Yatsuki, we've come to make a contract for you

Emi (dramatically): Zi! Is some kind of joke?

The episode ends


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