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(The episode opens with me running through a field)

(The screen shows me with long hair, white skin, wearing a black trench coat, black gloves, red shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. Also shows a bunch of demons behind me)

(I turned around, seeing the demons about to attack me directly, then my eyes glows releasing a purple aura, then all of the demons get destroyed)

(I smiled, then turns into a orange ball and and flew into the air)

(The screen shows me in front of a classroom)

A teacher: I would like to introduce you to Kanisha Sukiyaki.

Me: Nice to meet you, I hope you get along.

A teacher (looking at me): You can sit by (points to Kurama) Shuichi Minamino 

(I look at who the teacher is pointing to and smiles)

(The screen switches to me reading a book, while walking, when I feel somebody touch my shoulder and sees Kurama)

Me: Hello (put a book on my head) How can I help you?

Kurama (suspicious): Who are you really?

(Kurama has bright green eyes, as well as long vibrant red hair, with two long forelocks on either shoulder and the rest on his back, pink school uniform matching pink slacks and a jacket with gold trim)

Me (turned around): I could ask you the same (walks closer to Kurama and whispers) You may have a human form, but I know, this isn't your true form (backs up)

Kurama: Are you from the demon realm? You don't seem to have demon energy.

Me (smiled): I'm a human, with (points to my necklace) a magical object.

Kurama (touches the necklace): It seems to be made of human energy, and almost seemed like  sacred energy.

A voice: Kanisha! 

(I turn around to see a girl who has long brown hair, white skin, wearing a normal school uniform smiling, while waving one arm)

Me: Hello, how are you?

Kurama: I'll ask more questions later (walks away)

Me (smiles): I can't wait.

The girl: Kanisha, you want to have lunch together.

Me: Of course, but I don't know your name.

The girl (held out her hand): Yoka Suzumi. 

Me (shakes Yoka's hand): Nice to meet you.

Yoka: By the way, do you know Shuichi Minamino

Me (smiled): Oh, not really, he wanted to talk to me.

Yoka: Odd.

(The screen switches to me meeting Kurama by the school entrance)

Me: What questions do you have?

Kurama: How did you get that object?

Me (smiles): It was a present, what about you?

Kurama: I got injured, then my soul entered a woman and I developed a human form, as my power began to come back and I was going to leave. But, I loved my mom and my life, so I don't want to leave.

Me: I'm glad to hear that because you look cuter in this form.

Kurama: Thank you.

Me (looking curious): Have a girlfriend, or is it that girls try to ask you out?

Kurama: The second one.

Me: You can't date, because of your true self.

Kurama: You want to date me?

Me (looking at Kurama): You seem like my type, but we should probably start as friends.

Kurama: You seem to trust me, yet you know about my past.

Me (smiles): Your past is your past, What's more important is the life you are living, so the past doesn't concern me.

(Kurama looks at me with a smile)

Kurama: I would like to be your friend.

Me: Great, hope we get away (walks away)

Kurama (thought): I wonder if I can really trust her 

(wind past by)

Me: I can't believe I met (blush) He's more cute that I imagined.

(The episode ends)


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