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Before I had met you 

I was in a black hole 

of darkness, 

I had wish I can find

someone who will love me 

for who I am as a person. 

Why I am full of sadness? 

I was in my dark thoughts 

until you had appeared in my life 

the first day I had met you, 

your smile was bright like a sunlight 

always a very kind and sweet to me 

slowly we become just friends. 

How come you won’t say you’re in love? 

You’re afraid and nervous what I would say 

if you open up to me 

honey, don’t be feel like that

I’m not like others girls being 

hard on you,

I’m easy on you if you think 

I will reject you that’s not true

I’m not going to let that happen. 

Why you feel like I will? 

Months flew by 

the day you finally open up 

how you feel about me, 

open up my feelings to you, 

I feel the same way as you, 

I been hold it in for a long time. 

How come we’re hold it in within us? Thirty-first of October was our first date 

we went to genki sushi in Factoria

I didn’t knew we’re in a relationship, 

until first of November I was about washing 

myself you send me a message I say thank you 

my friend. 

Would you let me finish wash myself? 

You had say wait, do you knew who we are?”, 

I ask are we boyfriend and girlfriend? 

You ask me do you think we are?”. 

How we become loving couples? 

I say yes we are you had say 

we’re official boyfriend and girlfriend then”, 

many months flew by again 

we’re still in a relationship with each other 

we still love each other very much,

I known you for nine months 

I finally have find my first love. 

Why am I so happy with you? 

You turn my life into something new

had changed me into a brand-new person 

without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today, 

you’re my light to my darkness 

I rose into a mature person all thanks to you. 

Wouldn’t I know you bright my everyday life? 

The reason I chose you become my boyfriend 

there more in you that shine on me

to feel you’re the one who give me 

warmth and loving towards me, 

make me warm like a sun 

I never know you love me so deep 

you’re in my heart and always will be.


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