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There will be times where you are going to have the same worry that clouds your mind. Inside, you would be aching, breaking; trying hard to hold onto the little hope that remains. Sometimes, you would feel lost and confused; doubt flooding your veins. 

But.... you weren’t born to be absolutely and completely sure. You weren’t born to have it all figured out. You weren’t born to fit a mould. 

You were born to explore, to seek and to find. You are here to love, to hurt, to heal, and not to be confined. You are here to create your own life; to not conform to a timeline designed by someone else. 

You are here to experience life at 18; dancing under the moonlight and getting drunk on cheap wine. 

You are here to experience life at 25; to climb high mountains and to swim deep oceans. 

You are here to experience life at 40; to wake up feeling rich in love, and be comforted by this through the everyday commotion life brings. 

And you are here to experience life at 60; to tell your story of a wild life fully lived. 

You are here for so much more than a job, a salary or a degree. You are here to appreciate the wonders of the world and to make many beautiful memories. 

So, to Hell with anyone who restricts you with their timelines. 

You are here. 

Breathe in, and breathe out. 
In time, you will figure it out and you will be fine.

For now, just live! 


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  • Jun 15, 2020

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