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some people says " LOVE " is happiness, and very warm, yes its true but you dont believe it because your hurt you would say some negative words like " LOVE IS JUST A GAME " but sometimes you gues that you are not the only one that can felt pain in your heart.....💔  You would always thinknwhat really love feels even that your heartbroken.....💔 you always act strong 💪when your family and friends are getting suspicious from you....while your always bullied in school they would always called you " WORTHLESS " " UGLY " " FAT BITCH " and every word you heard you would cry alot of tears and couldn't handle the pain inside you thats why you cried......after that you would go home with bruises scars and wounds,........ Your parents would always get shock everyday when you go home.....they would cry and ask some questions on what happened to you,....but all you always say " Im fine, no need to worry about me " then one day the principal in the school called you,... You saw your parents in the principals office,..the principal ask you a question  " who is bullying you in this school everyday " you said " no one has been bulling me here, so please dont worry about me " the principal said "we have cctv's here" and finally you told them the truth, saw your parents crying and huging you so tight that they dont wanna let go of you,...the next day your parents told you that your going to transferre to another school and start a fresh life again.      

Written by: ° Hitomi Aizawa °


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