Myself Is All I Have Read Count : 52

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Romance
The sun has set and the moon has rose. Me, myself and I still have all ten fingers and all ten toes. The temperature is at a perfect degree. The frogs croak and lightning bugs flash green. The only thing missing is you sitting next to me. It is nearing two months since you went away. Still apart of me hopes at any minute you will jump out and say..."Did you miss me?" Oh I wish that was the case and you I would see. In this short time that you have been away, I have realized I am alone. When it comes down to it, I am all I have, and of course the prayers to God that I say. The mornings are just a start of another lonely day. The afternoons I make it thru but wonder if I should of just slept right thru. The evenings I usually shed some tears and finally try to lay down to sleep. Wipe the tears and pray the Lord my soul to keep. I pretend you are beside me and my head is resting on your arm. You grasping me and telling me you love me and no-one will ever bring me any harm. You had told me while in prison you prayed for a woman who you wanted God to bring your way. I didnt know you then but you told me those words and my heart skipped a beat because just earlier that day...I had stepped in the bathroom to thank God for you and that I loved you alot. We were meant to be ..God answered your prayer and with that its you I got. We shared such a short time together. Before our relationship was severed. I won't understand til God answers my questions when him and I are face to face, why you were called away and I was left this empty space. It is back to me and me alone but you hold my heart and you share it with God, my heart is your home. Love you tres with my entire existence and my soul calls out to you everyday. However you did promise you would be the first one I see with your bright blue eyes when I arrive in heaven, I am holding you to it, if I may. Til then my lover and best friend, I will wait and I will wait til God calls for my soul . The End. 


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