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No one told me that the first kiss 
Can last a lifetime on my lips, 
Until she kissed me 
With love for the first time.  

I did not know that love 
Would make its nest in my heart, 
Until I felt the first butterfly in my chest. 

They did not have the patience to explain it to us;  
We did not have the strength to understand. 
 Later I realized that not all the feelings are explainable,
And that everything that happens
 Is the heart's fault. 

 I did not know that the first love 
Will remain buried deep in my heart 
And from time to time,
 I will remember everything about.

 I didn't know that love brings tears, 
When you are disappointed
 Or when you have been hurted.

 No one told me 
Until I learned on my own 
That some memories stay there 
And may hurt you until the end.


  • Jun 14, 2020

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