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It's been a whole year, since we got transported to this other dimension and it's still hard to believe.

One day, we were normal girls, now we're guys in a crazy setting, but even life is crazy. I like it because I have Mariah by my side and we have made many friends.

But, for some reason I can't help but get this weird feeling in my heart, I don't know what it is. 

At night, Mariah and I are sleeping, when a door opens.

Then, a shadow is shown, and the door closes back.

Sunlight hits my face, and I opened my eyes.

I gasped seeing Cliff beside me asleep.

"Five more minutes", said Cliff, clinging onto me.

A few seconds later, and I was beating him and had him on the floor.

"Easy! Easy!" called Clay.

"Why were we in the same bed?" I asked, sounding angry.

"I swear I don't know, all I remember I fell asleep drunk", Clay admitted.

Mariah yawned and got out of bed with a bed hair.

"What's going on?" Asked Mariah, sleepily.

"Mariah, thank goodness, can you call off Kanisha?" asked Clay.

"Kanisha, let him go, it's too early to start a fight", said Mariah. "Besides he didn't bring us here".

I left Clay go.

"Got it, sorry Clay", I apologize to clay.

"It's okay, but who brought us here, because I don't sleepwalk, while I'm drunk", said Clay.

"Mariah, do you know?" I asked.

"Nope, I did hear a male voice", said Mariah.


I change into my angel self.

Mariah turns into her devil self.

Then, we got electrocuted and we both hit the wall.

"There's a force field around here. Intriguing", said Clay.

Clay turns to us, and says "Are you two okay?"

"I'm going to kill whoever trapped us here", said Me and Mariah.

"I feel the same", said Arima, coming from the shadows.

"Arima!" I gasped.

"She's not the only one", said Toro, landing on my back.

"Toro! Where's Chisu?" I asked.

"Over here", said Chisu, holding flowers.

"Is that everybody?" asked Toro, looking around.

Clay blows a kiss in the air and then two guys appear a.k.a. Tituo and Kisu.

"Kanisha! Mariah! I'm glad to see you both", said Kisu, with a smile.

Kisu hugs me and Mariah.

"You too",  I said.

Tituo and Clay look at each other.

"Clay", said Tituo.

"Tituo", said Clay.

"Still with your sweetheart", said Tituo 

"Yup, he's watching over me", said Clay. "But, don't think I forget our night together".

"Could we have another?" asked Tituo, with a sly smile.

"Maybe", said Clay.

"I hate to interrupt your moment, but we're still stuck here", Arima pointed out.

"I know who can help us", I said.

I whistled.

"What was that for?" asked Kisu.

"Just inviting my friend", I smiled.

An electric whip splits the force field and then it's revealed to be Maria.

"Hi", said Maria.

"Of course, Maria", said Arima.

Mariah hugs Maria.

"Good to see you, now let's go", said Maria, while Mariah is hugging her.

Maria opens a portal, then everybody walks through it.

Arima, Chisu, Kisu, and Toro lands in the mansion.

"What happened to the others?" asked Kisu, after the portal closed.

"We must have went to different places", said Arima.

"We should look for them", said Chisu, worried.

"They'll be fine", said Arima. "Besides we need to find out who trapped all of us".

"I guess you are correct", said Chisu.

"Let's go to the lab", said Toro.

"My thoughts, exactly", said Arima.

Clay and Tituo lands in Tituo's bed.

"You seem skinner", said Tituo.

"Shut up", said Clay.

Tituo nearly passes out and holds his hands on his head.

"You haven't had much blood lately", Clay noticed.

"I was taking a diet for Kisu's sake", said Tituo, looking wrecked up.

Clay moves closer to Tituo, and says "Just take some of mine".

"Why? Would you offer it to me?"  asked Tituo.

"Because it's just blood", said Clay.

"But, you remember the effect it gives you", said Tituo.

"I'll be fine", said Clay.

Tituo opens his mouth, showing his fangs, and bites Clay's neck.

Clay starts blushing.

"Your blood taste so good, you take so good of yourself, can I take more?" asked Tituo.

"Don't over…", said Clay.

Clay gets interrupted by Tituo .

Mariah and I land on each and accidentally kiss in a mysterious place.

"Whoops", said Mariah, then blush and giggle.

Mariah and I get up.

"It's okay, I love all of your kisses", I said.

"Me too", said Mariah.

"How cute!" exclaimed Kiki.

"Oh, did we land in your room?" asked Mariah.

"Yes, I was just putting nail polish on Tiffany and Summer", said Kiki.

"It's good to see you, Tiffany", I said.

"You too", Tiffany smiles.

Kiki takes Mariah and I to an empty room.

"Tell me have you had sex yet?" asked Kiki.

Mariah and I turn bright red.

"Why would you ask that?" asked Mariah, acting embarrassed.

"Because you two are guys in this world, you are in love, and in highschool. Plus you are fundashis", said Kiki.

"Yeah, but I don't know if I'm ready to have sex, we don't even have condoms", I said, still blushing.

"I'm nervous too, though I would like to give it a chance", said Mariah.

"You want to?" I asked.

"Yes, but if you aren't ready I understand", said Mariah.

"I mean if you want to try, I would like to give it a try", I said, acting shy.

"Then, if you are in agreement, I have a video to help you", said Kiki.

Kiki puts a video on her phone, gives it to me and runs away.

"Kiki! Wait!" Mariah and I called, but Kiki disappeared.

Mariah and I laughed.

"We should leave", I said.

"I mean we can't have sex, we're still young", Mariah nodded.

Mariah and I look at the video, then gasp.

"Is that how you do that?" asked Mariah, looking down.

"I think so", I said.

"It looks painful", said Mariah.

"But…" I said.

"I kinda want to try it", said Mariah.

Mariah and I look at each other.

"Not a chance!" We said at the same time.

We both disappears.

"Darn it!" complained Kiki.

"You should've seen that coming", said Tiffany.

"Yeah, but one day I'll get them", said Kiki.

Maria lands in the ocean.

"What the? Somebody is messing with my magic", said Maria.

A strong wind past, then a shadow appears.

"You!" gasped Maria.

The shadow smiles.

Maria screams.


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