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Hi there. It's been a while since I've written anything. Not for lack of ideas. I have a lot of things id like to write about and probably someday I will, but for now, I thought that I'd just write about things that I have to vent out. To start with its now summer and there is no baseball. The players and owners can't seem to get together on a plan to start. At least there will be basketball and hockey playoffs and God willing football will start in time. But anything sports-wise will be without fans..this is because if Covid-19. the country is starting to reopen but we have to be cautious. But when I've been out and about shopping for nessicary items people are acting like the crisis is behind us and that's far from the truth. People are walking around without masks. The checkout girl in the market had no mask. All this means is that there will probably at some point be another spike in cases and deaths and we will be locked down again. People have to be smart. This isn't over and won't be until there is a vaccine. On another matter and this is no small thing, the country is going crazy. This is because this cop killed George Floyd. It was a heinous act no excuse for it. But at this point, I believe that the protests either need to calm down or stop. There is legislation in process to Reform police departments. I hear a lot of ignorant people calling for defunding or eliminating police departments. sorry idiots that isnt ever happening. If you don't want to live in a city or state where there are police , move .no one needs you.. We need police. they save lives and protect innocent people. The people that are calling for the elimination of police are the first ones that will rob your house when they are gone. Sure the police aren't perfect it's like LAPD Chief Parker said." We will always have one problem with trying to recruit  police officers because we have to select them from human beings. He was so right.  Yes, police reform is needed retraining is needed. Community meetings with police are needed so that the officers get to know the people of the neighborhood they patrol and the people get to know them. I know it was just tv. But I remember an episode of NYPD Blue back from the 90s where Dennis Franz' was teaching his son how to be a cop and he told him it's important to learn the area get to know the people. The way he put it was "people'and places. The things they do and the times that they do them."" I personally got a lot of inspiration from that. When I would work at a security job after that I got to know the people I was working with and when they did things so I could watch out for them. The bottom line is police and the community need to work together to be able to eliminate these incidents of blacks being killed. Another solution is for police to carry malpractice insurance and have the premiums go up if there is a complaint. My favorite is for more people of color to join the police departments. Change is always easier if done from the inside. Police departments always need good people. And there are many good people of color that would be excellent police officers. It's something to think about. It's a good steady job with great benefits. bye for now 


  • Jun 15, 2020

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