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I told her so about it. Couldn't even stop myself from talking until I was sure done of my fair share.  Ten minutes later:  And yea, my birthday was the best ever. "  The things mother parents do for the children they do desired loved, huh? "So- I leaned a little closer to her perspective. With my hands holding my face above the table as a platform plate. Stared at her intensively. and you Elba?" How was your summer Well- before  she spoke the rest, the bell rang. We were to be seated in out assigned seats to understand our new block classes a teacher's we are with for the whole school year now.  She walked over to her class table an we all looked at our teacher. It was a she named Miss something. I don't quite remember out could her name tage fully but the words Miss behind the word of her name. Hello, children. My name Miss. Heller. " An I'm here to pass out y'all class schedule an taking roll of who is here an who isn't. Is that understood? Yes!!!!! We called out. Okay, good. Now here you go-For the mean time, me an Austin just talked it up a little. Playing on our phones. Seeing what's available we'll love to download in a heart beat. To try it out. You love pop tarts, huh Poppy? Yea, of course I  do. " Who do you think I ask you periodically for some? " I don't know. " Because your hungry, an it seems every time I come around with snacks you want some. " Makes sense, but that's not the case buddy. " Few times around the block the teacher came with our schedule an folders. "Thank you, we both said. Your welcome. ". Rustle! Rustle! Rustle! We took a look at our schedule. Seeing what we got. Okay, so got Miss Hicks.………….… an-ah PE! But it does say adoptive P.E. Austin, you know in say jones what this means? I passed my paper schedule to him for an answer across the table. He picked it up an read it for a few. Oh, it's P.E. But we us in Special Ed." Trust me, it's more funnier them regular P.E. then you think, passed it back to me. Oh, okay. " I hope so, because I've never heard or even tried that before but regular P.E. Well, it's a first time for everything pal. " What about yours, then? Watcha ya got for the whole school year? " Let's see.……. He read paper once more. Paced his finger at every word of a class his in. Front to middle to the end of the page. Finally looks up when finished glancing at me with surprise look on his face. Bro, we got the same class together! " No way. " I said. I didn't believe him. They just couldn't be possible. He probably pulling my leg, he done before last year. I know it was for fun, but the way he done for it to done like was dirty is heck. I didn't like it, but laughed it off in the convincing way I could. Yes, way! " If you don't believe me, you could check the paper yourself. " Swipp! He slipped the paper to me. Quite smoothly, it flying straight to my open arm hands. I grumbled the words on the paper in a whisper to myself. Shaking my head side to side. Was happy for the first time having a best friend in ever that goes the class I goes in a long time. This is awesome! " Have the paper back to him. I know right? Ahhhh, were gonna be a blast. " Yea, a blast of me beating me with Scorpion in Mortal Kombat. " Oh yea? " Yeaaaaa, come on I'll battle you until the bell ring noob. " What's your name tag. " Oh, okay, Mr.Tough Guy. " I'll show you a noob unexperienced player. " Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!   Times an time went by. It always her in my sights where ever I walk by. I wave to her.p hello. I say where do you go? Knowing our schedule was pretty much all I wanted to know. Her smiles. Her glaze. Was what makes me for what I am today. When I didn't receive it as more weeks gone by scratch out for months, there's something I most of did something wrong. I don't know what. But it brothers me. And I have to find out. See what is all that about. I wave, I try to get close, but always blocked an don't know where she gone. By the time I see her my brain tells me never to ever approach her or to go see her. I knew why, but couldn't let it get in the way of mine. My love for her in heart stills wants apart of hers, that She doesn't seem to feed on. Me and Austin was best friends forever. He was like a brother to me I just can't let go. He help through so much. I really valued an appreciated. Her and him forever was enough for me to accept. Though, it never happened, he having to move breaks my heart to a single centimeter of a ruling stick to pecies. Good luck to him in California. I'll always remember you and your sister of that root beer poptart we shared for the last time I ever will see you again. My love for her will never go away. Something changed my mind what I could not see away. She kissed an smooches my best friend Adam in the P.E room when I walked by with Dunkin Donuts in a bag for her birthday, but me seeing the sexual course in place. I was shocked in my heart beat slower feeling like I was shot. My jaw dropped an I never told anyone or comforted her, but I wished on my foolish loving heart self. I did. Kept it a secret.  Her behavior as unaccpeted! Me eating every bullet that comes at me was all I ever did. I don't know if she know or whatever, but In know it must have something to do with the present I given her ,I couldn't put my figure on it.  Though in P.E when I got more nice clothes an style awesome nerd classes stuff gotten worse an sweet at the same time like hush money a bad person give you to hush you you up for all the bad stuff you did to be never told. To be continued…..


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