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Sometimes I keep quiet, 
Not because I can't find my words. 
 But because I know
 You can't find my wounds. 

 Sometimes I have no reaction, 
Because I don't want to act when I'm nervous. 
 Sometimes I have the impression
That I can't change anything
 And out of cowardice, 
I let things happen by chance.  

Sometimes I pretend I don't care, 
Because it's hard to explain
 To everyone that my wound
 Got through the blood.

  Sometimes I want to feel free, 
Without having expectations from someone,
 High expectations break hearts,
 Break also the roads.  

If you see me in silence,
 Do not insist on speaking;  
There are some conditions 
That do not need attention.

  Sometimes I feel like I'm alive, 
Sometimes I'm just breathing, 
Sometimes I just need air.
Sometimes I just need
 The feeling of being loved.


  • Jun 14, 2020

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