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You didn't want to believe 
That I would learn to live without you, girl. 
 Until, living without you became,
 The only solution to keep my heart on. 

 You thought, girl,
 I'll never leave, 
But when you saw me go, 
You thought I'd be back to you soon. 

 I'm sorry to tell you, girl,
 But you lost me when you taught me,
That there is life without you in my life. 

 I felt that I was never enough for you,
 You were always looking for others.
And when I talked to you, 
You wrote them the same messages. 

 To be honest, 
I wouldn't have thought
 I'd have to forget about you, girl,
 To remember what I deserve.  

I went out with more girls, 
I started to know more people, 
What I felt for you,
 I've started to forget.

You wouldn't have thought 
I could live without you.
I wouldn't have thought,
I could live without you,
 In the same way like before.


  • Jun 14, 2020

  • Jun 14, 2020

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