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Saddam sir come our school had gone 1 week.we all student like him also. He is not like the other teacher.....He come in our class & given something new to do everyday. 

Today, he come & say,"everyone write a essay, what will you do if you get a lottery. "

Listen that,we all start to write. But Ontu is not writing. Teacher is walking and watching who writing or who don't writing. Teacher is coming forward me stand up. Because, Ontu sat down by my side. Teacher say to him."what happened? Why are you not writing? Can't you listen my word? "Ontu say respectfully, "sir,yes i listen. "Sir say,"
"so,why can't write the essay?"
"sir, i do what, if i get a lottery. "
"Sir,if i get a lottery, i can't do any work. Because i have many money. Right, sir?so,i don't write any essay."he say.

Sir looked at him in surprise,he can't believe his ears,"anyone say like him."

(Taken from bengoli story)

(If you like my write, plz do comment to inspire me🤓) 


  • Jun 15, 2020

  • It's really cool👍

    Jun 16, 2020

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