You Always Come Back Read Count : 19

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You always come back to me, 
You always ask me to love. 
 And I feel like a dry tree, 
I don't have much to offer. 

 You always come back like a boomerang,
 From where you left off. 
And I have my arms too dry,
To keep you warm again.  

You always tell me to give you another chance,
 But you always make the same mistakes,
 And I'm too tired,
 Always explain to you that I feel hurt,
While my veins are bleeding there...

You always tell me
 That everything will be different, 
When I only see clouds between us, 
Because of the way you behave.  
I feel too tired to waste my nights, 
Waiting for you.
 You behave as if you can control me, 
I feel like a puppet in your hands, 
Knowing that you always win,
 Through the words you invite me to trust.

  You always want to come back,
 But you didn't even notice,
 That I'm different now,
And I have nothing left to give.


  • Jun 14, 2020

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