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Sometimes, I tell myself that it's better 
Not to talk to you anymore, 
But then you show up 
And write me messages,
 Like nothing happened before. 

 Sometimes, I think it's better
 To stay as a memory,
 Forgotten in the shadow of the past.
 And move it from the heart to the head, 
Without the feelings 
That once controlled my mood.

  Sometimes, it's better to forget
 That you exist too, 
To remember that I'm still alive,
 And that I have to live on my own. 

 Sometimes, it's better to forget what I feel,
 And remember what I deserve,
 Because I'm not what I used to be. 

 Sometimes, I think it's better to free my heart
 From the love that suffocates me a lot. 
 And to follow my brain,
 Because it is right.


  • Jun 14, 2020

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