Stacey’s Knight. Read Count : 25

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Horror

The night I murdered my father, he was in Stacey’s room... forcing himself on her. I killed him to late in my eyes. He had been molesting her since she was 7 and tonight was her 10th birthday. I guess he was enough of a present for her. He thought wrong. He was dead wrong. That night I heard the floor creak. I heard him try to get to her room quietly. He failed at that attempt. He stepped to much to the right and the floor compromised his position. Once I heard him enter Stacey’s room I loaded his 1911. Click. As the clip went in. Click klack. The slide cried when I pulled it back and let it fall back into place. I walked out my room. I could hear him telling her to shush. I could hear him getting undressed. I could hear her wimpier. I knew now was the time. I swung the door open and there he was like a dirty gray wolf about to feed on an innocent white sheep. There he was on the other side of his own gun. I could feel my heartbeat through my hands. I saw his face change. I saw him question if this was really the situation he found himself in. It was. I pulled the trigger. BANG! BANG! Two bullets rang through his brain. His body dropped hard and I walked over to him and pulled the trigger again and again until the gun clicked and clicked to let me know it was out of bullets. Smoke came out the barrel like smoke off the end of a cigarette. Stacey walked over to me and said thank you. His blood was on her face and she was in tears but I could see the happiness shining through her eyes.


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