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Some people say the people who go through the most in life
Will have the most beautiful lives
People like us, who retry almost too many times at love
We bless others
And we wish for the best for ex friends and ex lovers
We pray for strangers, and they’ll never ever know
Giving up hope, almost
This is where we find ourselves
At the bottom of a pit haunted by our own silohouetted ghosts’
We did it for the ones we love, or we chose to do it for ourselves
Maybe both
But right now all I wanna know
Is that hope still shines in the sun for my rocking boat
In the middle of the seven seas
I feel close to spirit, but I don’t know if God is looking down upon me
He is, looking down upon me
But satan stops me from fully believing that God is going to save me
Jesus has saved me so many times before
And maybe living through these experiences will bring me closer to the true knowing of love
Realizing that love closes windows and opens doors
Just for us
Society believes the world is sphere, round like a ball
Because that’s what a stranger told them
July 1969, right before that Fall
Why believe what another human told them
When God already gave all of us the knowledge
To know that the Earth is a flat surface protected by a dome
The more they fool us, the less we ask and the less we know
They wanna dumb us down
Laughing that they think we’re all clowns
What about when we pass on
We’ll all have to answer to God about our wrong
Most people only talk about sex because it’s idolized by society
But why
It’s not as great as it seems in society
This Eafth is filled with forbidden fruit and toxic lies
Every country that is not our own is foreign
But this entire world was made just for us
All the things here right now are the only things that will ever be on this Earth
We live and work in greed, instead of love
If we feel any ounce of icky or doubt in the thought of sexual sin
Why don’t we save ourselves for marriage then?
I am learning my grace
My past is something that no one in it can erase
My thoughts will never be acknowledged without any trace
Nothing in life is a mistake
Pray for us my child
For the ones in church, and for the ones searching out in the forest so extremely wild
Blessings are coming when you have true faith
Hope is something no person could ever take
In this world right now
You can not have money without sinful knowledge
And you can not be poor without faithful knowledge
So the richness of faith comes in the societal image of pour ness
And the pour ness of greed comes in the societal imagine of wealthy ness
But those whom have both
Are the ones who survived the rocking of their boat
Or who have swam to their own island shore
Finding faith, their is never anything possibly more


  • Jun 13, 2020

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