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You are beautiful when you want to wake up,
But your sleepy eyes want to remain in your bed. 
 You are beautiful when your hair is tangled, 
And you try to arrange it between your fingers.

  You are beautiful when you go 
To make your coffee in wrinkled pajamas, 
But you forget to pour sugar over it.

  You are beautiful 
When you dance around the room, 
With the music at high volume, 
Forgetting that someone can see you.  

You are the most beautiful, 
When you do not need a certainty, 
And when you accept your body, 
Even when the years begin to pass over you. 

 You are beautiful,
Because everyone is beautiful in their own way,
 You don't have to compare 
Your beauty with anyone.  

You are beautiful,
Even when you do not use make up,
 Because your eyes light up your soul.  
You are beautiful in the way you are, 
Because your heart is also beautiful.


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