REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#13) Read Count : 20

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Sub Category : Fantasy
When Balvin and Della heared the painful voice of Queen Electra they ran towards the throne room. When they reached there they saw Queen Electra in dizziness. She got pain in her stomach. After this King Helorrx took her to the hospital. Where doctor gave them a unexpected good news. Electra was pregnant. Everyone in that hospital were so happy and then Hatrex came their with a bang. His army of magicians were widely spreaded every where. Then Hatrex move forward.  But Balvin transformed into Dark Knight and gave a great punch to Hatrex. Hatrex skates away. But he doesn't fell down. And this he flew in the air. Dark Knight saw at Della and said "Della! Cover the Queen and kick the butt of these minions! I will stop Hatrex!" After saying that he flew up too and started chasing Hatrex. Then they stopped and then Hatrex said "Oh so no body told me about Queen Electra. Leave it i got a surprise for her!" Then Dark Knight replied in anger "You just stay away from the Queen! Only you are deserving a surprise from me you betrayer!" After this Dark Knight lifted up his hand in the sky and then all the sky started vibrated and then Lightning Blade came in his hand with a grace. Then Hatrex smiled and he also lifted up his hand to the sky. And then a black portal opened and a magical evil staff came out from it and came in the hand of Hatrex with a grace. Half sky was thundering and half was turned black with a strange evil magical light. A dangerous silence was widely spreaded over all Knightarea. Then both flew and crashed with each other with a big bang. Hatrex made a big black magic fire ball and through it on Dark Knight but he hit that with Lightning blade like a ball. Then Dark Knight caught Hatrex and took him in the space With the speed of light and tthen he gave him a super lightning punch. That punch was so powerful that Hatrex crashed on Zakandlas so  fastly and with a bang. When he stood up in dizziness he saw Della was made a magical shield around the Knightarea and she was killing the black magicians like a killing machine. After saw this he got mad in anger. He started to broke the Shield made by Della. But Helorrx came there and hited his Blazing Blade in the ground. After this a big bang of fire pushed him so backwards. And now Helorrx transformed too.  After this Hatrex stood up. He smiled evily  and said "Oh my King now you killed your beloved once. This is not good." Then Hatrex tried to hited Helorrx with his fire ball. But it was useless on Helorrx. Then Helorrx replied him "I loved you like a brother and you do this instead of all my love. It was my biggest mistake to save you and now i will fix my mistake!" After this Helorrx shout so much fire balls on Hatrex. But a fire ball hited the shield. Then shield was have a hole for a little time. Hatrex took advantage of this and teleported him self directly in front of Queen Electra. Helorrx told this to Dark Knight. Then Dark Knight ran in speed of light. and passed through the shield like a lazer. He reached at the hospital and he saw Electra was sat on her place and she a was screaming. Dark Knight move fastly towards Electra and said "What happened my Queen are you alright. Where is Hatrex and what he do with you!" Electra replied in screaming voice "Behind you!!!" Then Hatrex hited Dark Knight with his staff on his head. Then Della came their but Dark Knight stopped her and said her in dizzi voice "Della teleport Queen and all the people who are in hospital and take them out from the Knightarea. Trust me!" After this Della do this but she was so sad. After this he stood up and said "Looks like there is online you and me know I will kill you!" Then Hatrex replied "Oh really!". After this he freezed Dark Knight and said with a evil smile "Sony your father can't do this so how can it possible that you will kill me. He was very good knight instead of you" When Dark Knight listen this he was amazed and said "You know my father?" Hatrex came near to the Dark Knight and said "Yes from a long time and did you know I killed your father because King Helorrx ordered me to do this!"



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