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The sunrise happens at 5:27 here
Right now it’s 5:04 here
I’ve watched the sunrise for the passed three days
My sleep schedule has been Willy Wonky these days
But with that I am just okay
The Visteryl helps me now
That’s another thing I’m thankful for now
And no matter how much I stress
I think we’re gonna be okay now
It’s financial stress, yes
But we might just be okay now
Because that’s what I feel, that’s what I see, and that’s what I hear
God and my angels are in my ear
Maybe that’s why I always hear ringing in my ears
And maybe I haven’t given up because I know they’ve all seen my tears throughout my years
I think we’re gonna be okay now
Even if we haven’t lived in our hometown for a year
This year was filled with experiences, sore bodies and not so burning tears
This year is coming to a close
Because like the few of us who really know
I cut my left wrist for the first time on May 1st 2018
And I never made it to a year Clean
Until June 14th and June 15th of 2020
The cleanse of the decade filled with 2020’s
It’s been over two years since I first cut
364 days since I last cut
And 363 days since I left
The first boy I fell for that I met
She said “I think I am finally clean”
On June 16th
2020, I will finally be clean
10 months older, and 10 months sober
From my first true lover
We never lasted forever
So here is to the fever I lost
And a day to celebrate
For all of the strength I’ve got
Don’t give up your destined destination
This is your very own preservation
I love you, honey
Don’t lose the clear vision you have, with the clouds of greed, and money
Even if room 217 changed you from being the very same
You are at peace, and at peace of mind today
Look at the sunrise
It’s like it’s never known it’s own shine
And like my own
The sun has never so brightly shone
I was right
The dawn always comes after the worst storming night
I project vibrant light
I stood up after the deadly, and transformative fight


  • Jun 13, 2020

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