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I wanna go to South Dakota, again
Accept and move on from my lifes sin
I wanna stay at that same hotel in Rapid City
Where the white sheets and blankets wrapped around me
And the shower adored my presence
In the same country, but everything I don’t need is at a distance
Where every problem falls apart
And every idol is a song that has a button that says “start”
Where a Sasha Sloan song feels different
And where Taylor Swift stays the opposite of a tyrant
I wanna go to South Dakota, again
It feels different than any place I’ve been
I’ve only ever traveled the West Coast
But I have places I’ve never been to on both coasts
I wrote my heart out when I went there for the second time
December 2019 was the time of my life
I was at peace with everything
What could hurt me? Nothing
South Dakota is where my heart lays
Every time I travel there I remember those days
The pool there is where I don’t care, what my body in a swim suit looks like
The cleavage on my body is something I need to wear with pride
My body is where my soul is kept
A little genie bottle that holds the love of “Tales from the Crypt”
Horror stories, and hotel rooms
Unspoken territories and things that don’t let me remember the sadness in the color blue
Something about hotels make me feel at home
A familiar place that makes me feel the good kind of alone
A place that makes me look at recognizable faces with a sense of newness
A place that makes me flawless
Adjoining rooms
And a feeling of a lover who is, brand new
Like the auroa of the entire hotel
Where silence is the new “Saved by the Bell”
All I know is Heaven and I don’t need or have to worry about Hell
“He’ll come shortly, my darling”
I hear an angel from the corner of my hotel room calling
The Akashic records are sewn into my soul
And they will never leave me, or feel old
So why do I say “deja voo doo” when I get deja vu?
Maybe because it’s a subject of truth
Just as the fact that
Good and bad will always be existent
Eternity can’t take that back
Love as what we create it to be in our minds, and life as we know it may be cruel
But there’s nothing that we can do
The definition of love is in the Bible
We know it, but we may never know being a disciple
The nice girl at startbucks in Sioux City, or Sioux Falls
Was a healer and a specail person, guided by God & his angels after all
But there is evil in this world honey
Full of lust, gluttony, pride, sloth, wrath, greed and envy
That’s why I wanna go back to South Dakota, honey
It’s where I can escape all evil and all toxic negativity
In a shower in South Dakota
And in a hotel room in South Dakota
Is where my souls lays
I can’t wait to go back
And maybe next time, I’ll actually stay


  • Jun 13, 2020

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