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Dedicated to my loveliest Mom!😍

This is some different kinda love,💖
A different kind of forever care,
Possessed by her- the one and only,
Who covered us from times bare.

Her care is, for sure, passionate,
Her love is, for sure, deep,
Her work is, for sure, transparent,
And her character, obviously, not cheap.

She is the one and only,
Whom God sent as a glamorous gift,🎁
To make this world🌎 awesome and beautiful,
To protect it from a stressful drift.

I pray thy🙏, you could be every time,
In our Dreams,😴desires and real world,
To help us out in difficult times,
And getting all her kids furled.
-Lavnoor kaur

Thank you☺️
Hope you liked it😊
God bless all😇


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    Jun 13, 2020

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