Alexa's Trip To The Moon Read Count : 14

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Sub Category : Adventure
 Have you heard of Alexa's trip to the moon well here it is One bright day Alexa needed a wash so her mum started the tap want's it was full Alexa got in and said "mum how,  do I go to the moon?" miss River said " darling if you want to go to the moon you need to have a rocket."  Alexa said thank you mum. So now it was the next rainy  morning so Alexa decided to make a rocket but then she needed things from owl so she asked for a tool but owl said only if I can come with you and Alexa siad OK so they built a rocket and when it was dark they went into space and they landed on the moon on the moon they could see Alexa's mum so they decided to go home

          The end 


  • Jun 13, 2020

  • Love it

    Jun 13, 2020

  • Jun 13, 2020

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