Painful Wounded Scars Read Count : 11

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We had met with each other for nine months

our relationship still going strong 

I thought everything is going very well, 

guess I was wrong a while back after 

drop you off at your house I didn’t notice 

you were texting her about everything I did that shattered me into a thousand pieces. 

Why you had to do this to me? 

You thought I was hypocrite 

ask me a question Why is it okay for you to get her between us, but it’s not for me?”. 

You have say to me you literally have done exactly the same thing before”, 

you’re breaking up our relationship 

by talking to her about everything I just did to you.

Why can you don’t put her in the gap? 

I want us to solve it with each other

you give me painful wounded scars 

on my back, 

cut my chest open the red liquid oozes out 

from my body you get to her to hurt me 

I just want us to be happy with each other. 

How could you wreck our relationship by doing this?

If we have any problems with each other 

you should talk to me about it 

not to her, 

I’m tired with this nonsense 

you make it even worse by 

text message to her right now. 

Why you’re doing this to our relationship? 

You’re wrecking it like a wrecking ball 

don’t drag her into this 

you’re not listening to me, 

it’s hurt me you’re not taking

our relationship really seriously 

you don’t want me to cry in tears. 

Can we just understand from our perspective? 

Be each other’s position

to become more understandable with each other, 

that way we won’t hurt each other’s feelings still I love you so much 

I do anything to make our relationship back to normal again. 

We still love each other so much 

that way both of us won’t have 

painful wounded scars. 


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