My Vampire Chapter 5 Read Count : 16

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I have had my shower got ready put on shorts and a hoody tied my hair up after drying it I walk down for a drink out the fridge and go back up and sit at my room window and think about my gran who passed away 3 years ago I remember how close we were and how she gave me a neck less it was a silver chain with a ruby heart on it and sometimes the ruby heart looked like it light up I think it was my imagination I look down and notice the eyes staring at me then I see the teeth I open the window “go away whoever you are I’m in no mood tonight for pranks” and I slam the window shut I see the figure step out a little further I could tell it was a man he was big and looked like a lot of muscle I go down stair and dial Mike number “right jackass not tonight again I really can’t be bothered tell your friend to get lost remember the last guy you got to try this I broke his leg with my bat I will do worse this time Mike I mean it” I was angry Mike got one of his friends to try scare us last time he would stand in the garden then ring the bell and then show up at the window I got the bat and attacked him “hay I learned my lesson last time I haven’t got anyone to do anything this time listen Carmel keep all windows and doors locked stay inside I’ll get everyone to come over check it out ok “ I nod like that was good enough and look out the window I hear a growl and the lights go out “shit the lights just went” I grown “stay inside ok” Mike yells there were a few people out there now and someone was getting hurt they were on the ground crying out oh shit that sounds like my sister I grab the bat and run out hitting the first one I see and grab her from the ground “stay the fuck back I mean it” and it was the girl who started laughing I turn around it wasn’t my sister after all I run up to my door but all of a sudden a man was blocking me I swing the bat he grabs it “you are coming with us” he says and grabs me I try kicking and punching but it was no use he was strong and had a good hold of me “stop this nonscence we need to go” a car was sitting in front of us I hadn’t noticed it before how did I not notice that.


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