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You shot my heart without mercy,
When you told me, you could not offer me love. 
 How many more lives should I lose it,
 Until I make you change your mind? 

 To see the heaven, 
I have to go through hell first.
It's not your fault
 That I'm addicted to your game.

  You melted my blood and let it boil, 
Now it burns me and leaves me new wounds. 
You had another bullet, but you used it,
When I saw you kissing other lips.

 I am just a number on your conquest list,
 Just a pending friend request, 
A new follower on your social networks. 

 I was left with a bleeding heart,
 The blood drained 
Until I became dry,
 Without returning back to my normal.  

It took you a while to kill me slowly,
All the demons were laughing 
While I was dying, 
Seeing your status:" in a relationship."


  • Jun 13, 2020

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    Jun 13, 2020

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