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(The opening shows Kimi wearing a white shirt with long sleeves, blue collar, blue dress running, then switches to Tisa: a girl who has long braided brown hair, light brown skin, wearing red jacket, orange shirt with a rainbow on it, blue jeans, and red sneaker, Nashio Seiryo: a boy who has short blonde hair, dark brown skin, purple shirt with dark blue sleeves and has, black belt, long grey skirt with purple lines at the bottom of the skirt, grey boots,white bat wings, and black black metal wristband, Kia - who has long brown hair, on the top there is a bun, white skin, pink cat ears with pink beads by the ears, wearing glasses, white collar with blue lines, white dress with blue lines, butterfly tattoo on her chest and white heels, and Marcus - a boy who has short blue hair, wearing a blue jacket, white shirt, blue pants, and white shoes with a monkey tail.
Kimi walks up to her friends. 
The opening shows Kimi writing her tail, she plays volleyball, sings karaoke.
Kia plays baseball.
Tisa breaks a highschool boy's arms, while he is on the ground.
Nashio Seiryo is flying in the air.
Rey is typing on the computer in a dark room with headphones on.
Xia, Rika, and Amelia are secret agents on the roof of a building at night.
Charlie and Kimi sitting on the bench and are blushing at each other, while the snow is falling.
Little tiger is swinging on a swing set.
Kimi, Lady J, Rey, Little tiger, and Charlie walking through the mall.
Kimi runs through the field with Tisa, Nashio Seiryo, Kia, and Marcus beside her.
They jump in the mid-air.
The opening ends with Kimi sitting in her desk with Tisa, Kia, Marcus, and Nashio Seiryo by her in a classroom)

(The episode opens with Kimi eating a burger at a table)

Kimi (thought): This school is amazing! But, I don't know how long I'll be able to fit in.

Kia: Can I sit next to you?

Kimi: Sure

Kia: (sits down) If your nervous, you don't need to be

Kimi: Am I that obvious?

Kia: Kinda, but it's okay because everybody gets nervous, heck I was nervous when I first got here because of my sexuality.

Kimi: I was just told mine by my other self.

Kia: Oh, so your single?

Kimi (with her tail up showing a sharp end): I'm not a prey

(Kia laughs)

Kia: You are an interesting girl, I'm glad you are not a pushover.

Starblood: I could've told you that, I don't fight just anybody (sits in front of Kimi)

Kia: True.

Marcus: Are we having a meeting of new friends? (Sits down by Starblood)

Tisa: and I wasn't invited (sits by Kia)

Nashio Seiryo: Seems I'm last to join (sits by Marcus)

Kimi: You all really want to be my friends?

Kia: Duh! Otherwise we wouldn't be sitting here.

Starblood: I'm guessing you don't have many friends.

Kimi: It's not that I just didn't expect to make friends so easily.

Tisa: Really? I mean you seem to sweet not to have friends, even if you are a mutant goddess.

Marcus: Mutant goddess?

Tisa: Yeah, she has multiple powers, nearly undefeated 

(The screen shows Starblood, Kia, Marcus, and Nashio Seiryo shaking their hands)

Tisa (covers her mouth): Whoops! Sorry!

Kimi: I already have seen some of my future.

Marcus (close to Kimi's face): How much?

Tisa: Yo! Make space

Kimi: I haven't learned that much

(A echo past and knocks Kimi off her feet)

(Marcus helps Kimi up)

Kimi: What happened?

Tisa: Grace.

Kimi (confused): Huh?

Kia: Grace, she's a mermaid that creates earthquakes or shakes here.

Kimi: Is it controlled by her emotions?

Nashio Seiryo: You catch on, fast.

Kimi: So, my guess was right.

(Everybody nodded)

(The screen shows Kimi running off and Starblood is shocked)

Marcus (run after Kimi): Wait!

Tisa: So, she's that type (runs after Marcus)

(Tisa, Nashio Seiryo, and Kia follow after Marcus and Kimi)

(The screen shows somebody crying, then goes to Kimi tired holding her knees and the person surprised)

(It's revealed that person is a mermaid who has short curly brown hair in the front, brown spiky hair in the back, black top hat, brown eyes, scales, brown wings, brown tail, long scales looking wings on the right and left, purple top,lines, and a brown bracelet with a blue seashell attached to it a.k.a. Grace)

(Grace with teary eyes look at Kimi surprised for a moment, Kimi wipes off the tears from her face, and pulls her in for a hug)

Grace: Why are you hugging me?

Kimi: Because you are feeling sad.

Grace: But, why should you care?

Kimi: Because I do.

Grace: I'm nobody to you

Kimi: True (rubs Grace's hair) But, gour heart wants to make friends and I will make that come true (winks)

(Grace blushes)

Grace: (swims back nervously) Just who are you

Kimi: (stands up) Kimi Watson (holds out her hand) at yourself.

Grace (surprised): Kimi Watson (brain open and explosion) No way!

Kimi (smiles): I'm guessing you heard of me.

Grace: Are you kidding, everybody in school knows you?

Kimi: Really? That's great (smiles) So, you want to be my friend?

Grace: But, I can't control my powers that is controlled by my unstable emotions.

Kimi: My powers are controlled by my emotions too, and lots of people can't control emotions, that doesn't stop friendship, so?.

(Grace takes Kimi's hand and pull Kimi into the pool)

(Kimi pops back up, then Grace kisses on the lips)

Grace (smiles): Sure, I'll be your friend, your cute

(Kimi blushed)

(The screen shows Tisa, Starblood, Marcus, Nashio Seiryo, and Kia looked shocked)

Kia: I knew there was a reason why Grace only talk to me

Grace: Don't misunderstand, I'm actually Lesbian (winks)

Kimi (nervous smile) (one eyebrow twitches): Great

Grace: I'm guessing your used to being kissed.

Kimi (blushed): Well...well...well…(puts her head underwater halfway)

Tisa: You have a lover?

(Kimi shakes her head)

Marcus: Oh, yeah it's Rey.

Nashio seiryo: She or he isn't her lover, but they kiss.

Kimi: It's complicated.

Tisa: She loves you, but you haven't returned your feelings.

(Kimi nodded)

Grace: Then, do you have a type.

Kimi: I like kind, smart people.

Marcus: Well, I'm out this romance plot (giggles)

Tisa: I'm not always the kindest, so i'm out too.

Kia: Seems it's just me, Nashio Seiryo, Starblood, and Grace.

Starblood: No thanks, i'm not interested in becoming a love interest.

(Kimi looks at Grace and Kia)

(Grace and Kia look at each other intensely)

(The episode ends)


  • Jun 13, 2020

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