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The war has begun,
 We are like dust.  
Without the power to fight, 
But with the desire,
 To change something through our blind eyes. 

 Words fall like arrows over our bare shoulders.
  And we are looking for a shield in the arms
 That want to strangle us.

  We are still here, afraid to fail, 
But we fall into the void as usual. 
 The world stops, the stars fall
 Over the promises made.
 Already broken,
 I'm looking for my half.  

I do not know who is right, 
When no one speaks,
 If I get lost, 
Please let me dream about your dreams.

I want to hear the scream of the moon 
When it has to disappear 
At the insistence of the sun, 
Making it invisible.

  The war started a long time ago, 
When I hadn't rented my life yet,
 Now that I'm alive,
 I want to be ashes again.


  • Jun 13, 2020

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