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It is raining in my veins with cold tears,
 The earth began to cry my tears.  
Lightning flashed over my dreams, 
Thundering, hitting over my lips.

  It's raining in my thoughts, 
I'm just a piece of clay.
  I ask for help, 
But no one really cares. 

 It rains over my brown eyes,
 I keep them sheltered, closed.
  I'm so alone,
 I've always been upset.  

It rains over the skin - to the soul,
 The water has reached the bones.  
Surrounded by water,
 I drown inside, I hope no one can finding myself.

 It's a cold rain, with tears frozen in pain, 
There are all my tears that I haven't cried before.
  It's a different kind of rain that heals, 
And makes me see everything more clearly,
 Things I hadn't seen it.

  It is a rain that must be poured
 From the soul over the blood-stained earth, 
In order to cleanse it the feelings 
About her through myself.


  • Jun 12, 2020

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