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We were all up at old man Torbetts house were we went at weekends we light a fire in the middle of the garden and have logs sitting around it and tell stories old man Torbett died a few years ago the house has been empty since so we go here as nothing else to do and we have a drink n laugh tonight everyone was hear Jade was sitting on Mikes knee her best friend Jazz was there and her other friends Fiona and Cindy and Mikes friends Ron , Jake and Zander and me n Chloe after about half an hour Mike came over to me took my hand and said “listen about last night I’m sorry I didn’t mean for you to get hurt I was drunk and well I’m sorry” he let go of my hand and opened his arms for a hug I just reach out my hand to shake his he looked hurt but took my hand and shook it I fake a smile and that seemed to make it ok as he laughs and goes back to my sister and tell stories about old man Torbett and how they say he was a Vampire and that’s why he lived here alone and never came out unless to chase people away from his house they even say the attic is haunted and has a Vampire living there and that’s why no one goes near there “that’s a lot of rubbish” I blurt out jut then a man appears beside me and I notice Chloe blush he smiles at me and moves over to Chloe who went all fidgety and her face went red but the guy walks over pulls her up off the log to him and kisses her this must be Gary and just then a hand is on my shoulder “hello Carmel” I turn to see Dean who sits beside me staring at me I grin at him “hi Dean nice to see you again” I look over to Mike but he nods at Dean who nods back I relax a little “so want to go over there on the steps were it’s quieter we can talk” he takes my hand and I follow him to the steps he pulls me into his lap and holds me facing him and I wasn’t even uncomfortable I put my hands on his shoulders “this is weird I normally don’t take to any one this quick I’m weird that way but you are so different I can’t put my finger on it why is that” I ask he smiles and my heart skips a beat “I am the same I have never felt this way about anyone before and I keep myself to my self but with you I seem to feel normal and want to be normal” that was a weird answer I was about to say something but before I could say a word he pulled my face to his and kisses me it was like something out a movie if I wasn’t sitting on his knee I would have fell my heart was racing I could feel the heat burning my body and it was only a kiss he pulls away first locking his lips and pulls me into a hug my mind was spinning I look over over to the woods and see a person watching us I see his white teeth and his white eyes looking at me from the shadow I wasn’t scared I push away from Dean and head over to the wooded area Dean catches me “were are you going” he asked I shake my head at him and look back at the woods nothing there was I imagining it I turn back to Dean “sorry I go into a work of my own a lot anyway wow what was that kiss for” I say touching my lips still feeling his on them “sorry I should have asked first but I couldn’t help myself I like you so much Carmel it’s weird for me are you ok” he looked worried I laugh and link my arm around his “I’m great you can kiss me like that anytime” I giggle he pulls me to him I think he was going to kiss me again but my phone buzzes I answer “hello” I stutter still looking at Dean “well then diva I hope you didn’t forget about me” omg I squeal “Scotty is that really you” Dean raises his eyebrows at me but I was to happy Scotty is the brother I never had him me and Chloe were always together since I can remember but his dad got a new job and they had to move I hadn’t seen him in 6 months and only spoke twice since then “yeah my girl I hope your home coz I’m knackered and want to chill with my girls at the house your mum booked me a ticked to come stay with you for a week since you missed me so much I’m in the cab I’ll be about 10 mins if that” I was pacing up and down now and can feel Dean eyes on me “we are up at old mans Torbetts place come hear we will be here hurry up tell the driver to go faster I miss you “ he laughs “ok I guess I’m 2 mins away then see ya soon bitch” and he hangs up I hold the phone to my chest “is that a boyfriend” Dean asks I shake my head laughing “no he’s like my bro just away but coming to visit one of my best friends my full life he’s gay thinks he’s one of the girls total diva but iv misses him so much” I couldn’t stop smiling Dean smiles back I hold up a finger to him and turn “Chloe come here a min” o shout as I hear a car Chloe bounces up and runs to me “are you ok what’s up” I keep her facing me and see Scott come over she was looking at me worried “well hello there sexy mammas” Scotty whispers at Chloe her eyes widen and she screams jumping on top of Scott they both fall laughing she kisses him all over his face “Chloe let him up I need a kiss and hug” she jumps up pulling Scott up with her he hugs me tight and kisses me on the lips “I have missed you crazy bitches so much pass the vodka” he goes over to the fire saying hello to everyone I turn back to Dean “sorry he’s just been away so long but he is staying with me for a week so I’ll catch up with him tonight let’s sit back on the steps” he pulls me along with him wrapping me around him we started to kiss when I herd someone behind me cough I turn “what” it was Gary the one Chloe has been with he reaches out a hand “hi Carmel I’m Gary nice to meet ya I can see why my brother hear likes you such beauty” he kisses my hand “Gary what do you want get lost” Dean moans they look at each other and Dean moves me off his lap onto the step “sorry Chloe I have to go I will see you later” and he leaves with Gary I am gutted but go back over to the fire with my friends for a few minutes and tell Chloe and Scotty “I’m off home I need a shower n that before you two come in and start talking all night” and I hug them and leave .


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