My Vampire. Chapter 3 Read Count : 18

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I wake up with a sore head my phone buzzing I grab at it and look it’s a message from Chloe “I hope your awake hun open the front door I’m on my way over please be away and get this message” I sit up head spinning I’m in my shorts and T-shirt I shove on my hoody and go to the front door unlock it and open it just in time for Chloe to burst in and bump into me I close the door with a bang harder than I intended “really bitch I have a headache already you are making it worse already” I grown she giggles “sorry hun I just needed to get out and you know my parents won’t be up so had to come here” she slumps down on the sofa I throw my hands up and sit beside her “ok well what is it why are you in a hurry” I rub at my temples as last night comes flooding back I wince “oh hun how are you gosh I herd about what happened last night I tried to come see you but Jade said she had it all under control and you needed rest no one was aloud in but I was worried about you and lucky I had Gary to talk to or I would have hit your sister and bounced in here to be with you but Gary was so hot and calm and well we em you know” she winks I hold up my hand and shake my head “no please no details I can guess what you did but I thought you were not into guys now to much trouble and well prefere the other parts “ I point to down at private parts she laughs “well I was finished with guys i mean sex was boring and all the same and girls were so much better to be with and well I got wetter with girls but Gary gosh what can I say he was hot and boy I couldn’t resist him and sex was well let’s say iv never had it like this before he made me come so many times I lost count and I want that again but I had to get out of there he just moved in next door to Mike with his brother and well I didn’t want to be seen plus with the way he was with me boy I’m adicted you know but I was loud last night I thought he lived alone we had the best time ever then he told me his brother was in and fell asleep I had to get away and this is first place I wanted to come” she takes a deep breath so Gary must be Deans brother “here you go losers caramel frappe for you both I’m going back over to Mikes” jade practically flung the Starbucks cups at us “ thanks Jade yeah I’m fine now thanks for asking” I bitch at her she raises her eyebrows and pauses with her hand on door knob “I know you are fine I made sure you were but now Chloe is here I can go see Mike he has a black eye thanks to your new boy across the road” she turned back to open door “jade wait what do you mean” I ask confused she was angry now and shouts “that stupid new guy Dean who you were with yeah he brought you over put you in bed and tried to stay kept saying he needs to watch over you but I threw his ass out he stood out in the yard for 3 hours after aswell before taking the hint plus he punched Mick in the face knocked him out said Mick hurted you looked liked he wanted to do more until he picked you up I had to leave Mike with the others so I could watch over you but now Chloe is here I’m of to check on my man ok and keep that idiot new guy away from us from now on he is so creepy it’s unreal” and she opens the door and walks out me and Chloe look at each other in shock “well want want to sit on the porch swing drink our coffee n talk about last night I nod grab my blanket from sofa and we head out the door to the swing and sit talking about last night. 


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