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Hi everyone I love to read a lot of supernatural stories and write my own little short supernatural stories I try stay away from the same old boring stories that repeat the same things I like to go outside the box I also love when I hear good and bad as I like to work more to make it better and every writer needs some bad to help them on there way I don’t lie about other ppl work as I know that doesn’t help so if you tell me what you think of my story I love it and I don’t hold it against you I tell the truth to help you with your story so don’t be offended we can all help each other be better and write great stories I want my stories on paper I love to hold a book and smell the paper as I read I don’t like reading online unless like this app it’s new writers trying and working to write new stories good luck to all and can’t wait for you to read my stories and for me to read yours x


  • Sedef Temel

    Sedef Temel

    good for you who cares about you ďddddddddddddddxddddsdvnyfzxnnih

    Jun 12, 2020

  • Jun 12, 2020

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