THE CLUMSY GIRL. Read Count : 44

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Here is a story of Angela and Brian. One cool evening Angela was rushing out to a program. She boarded a bus, Brian was also inside the bus. They sat very close to each other but no exchange of words between them. Brian unknowingly lean on Angela's body and she felt peace from within. The feels of this is the one have been waiting for, my prince charming. The bus moved for about 10mins, still no words, Angela has been dieing in silence. She came up with an ideal, she on purpose stepped on Brian's foot and said sorry. Brian was like no problem, that opened door for conversation between them. Angela was happy and they exchanged contact. When they got to their destunations, they alighted and went on their different ways.

Few hours later Brian called and they spoke for hours, with each passing day their friendship grows. One day they agreed to meet up in a garden for fun and Brian stole a kiss from Angela (kissed her on her forehead) and this makes her to fall helplessly for him. After some weeks of being friends, Brian manned up and he decided to asked her out, eventually they started  dating each other. Its obvious Angela loved more in the relationship than Brian, but she was satisfied for she felt peace in her mind. Brian is almost every woman's crush, that was known to Angela she kept herself busy showering him love, hoping he could see how truly she loves him. Brian tried in his own way to show his love to Angela, always gat her back especially in the bad days.

About some months later, Brian was going through some stuffs and he doesn't want Angela to know about it, he told her to give him some space. Angela cried and said she will wait for him. Though Brian told her not to wait for him, if she see a good guy who deserves her,she should move on. Angela waited for a year and six months. Gradually Brian began to make some moves and Angela understood him better, she responded to the move. They were together again. Brian this time, told Angela to give him some time to clear his head. Angela felt really hurt but didn't say a thing. She felt bad because he was away for more than a year, now that we are together, you said you needed time, haven't you decided before you come to me. 

With the anger in her, she said she will make Brian feel jealous and beg for her love, because she was ever available for him that's why he thought he can treat him as he likes. She decided to be moving out with one of her long time admirer. When Brian finally clear his head, coming to meet Angela he saw her with another guy and he felt heart broken. He didn't bother to ask her for any explanation, he went on to be drinking. Angela was hoping Brian would come to beg her. One of Brian's crush accompany him to drink on a cold night and the unexpected happened between them. Some weeks later she was tested pregnancy positive and Brian married her for she was carrying his child. When Angela heard the news she was devastated and gave her body to the new guy she was going out with.

She also married the guy and the guy suddenly began to maltreat her for she had delay in conceiving. While Brian home too was not peaceful, his wife wasn't in any way compare to Angela. He wished he can take back the hand of time. He dwell on hard drugs and alcohol. Angela too wished she didn't made the biggest mistake of her life. What worth waiting for, worth fighting for. Fight for what you believed in. 


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