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"Don't worry, you'll find me where you are."
"Don't worry, I'll be there for you." 
 That's what she told me every time.  

The years have passed, 
And we have changed a lot. 
 But when I remember her words, 
I don't feel so alone. 

 We both got lost in other arms, 
Because we didn't follow each other's steps. 
 I would like to find myself 
in her warm arm, again one day. 

 I traveled a lot, 
I changed many directions, 
But she was stuck in my head, 
And I can't remove my feelings for her.

 "Don't worry," 
Were the words that made me strong. 
 "Don't worry," 
I miss those words guide her voice once again.

  I feel lost, 
I have traveled so many miles alone,
 And there is no one beside me.
And that breaks my heartbeat, 
Because I would like it to be her for me.


  • Jun 12, 2020

  • I almost cried after reading the poem.Its very touching.Good work.

    Jun 12, 2020

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