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Every time you look at me, 
You give me another reason to fall in love.
  Every time you hold my hand, 
I feel like I belong to you.

  Every time you speak,
 Your words slip through my veins.  
Every time you breathe, 
I drown into your air. 

 Every time you smile, 
I deceive myself that I make you smile.  
Every time I'm with you, 
You make my day more beautiful.  

Every time you hug me, 
You stick my heart back, 
Yvery time you touch me,
 You make my heart laugh.

  We are like two empty bottles 
In the middle of the sea, 
Carried by the waves 
Towards the middle of the view.  

Every time you look at me, 
I find myself in your eyes. 
 Every time you're here, 
I'd like to think you're here just for my heart. 

 Every time I see you, 
I fall in love again.
Every time I see you, 
I fall in love irretrievably.


  • Jun 12, 2020

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    Jun 12, 2020

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