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Life Is a treat,   sometimes sour sometimes sweet .life can be a treat if you follow the right recipe .sometimes you know your limits and sometimes you can be decadent and decorated so nice that sometimes you think twice before taking that first can be a treat and such a great reward because after all treats take a lot of hard work. There can be many steps and ingredients involved but after every step is complete you remember that you made such a wonderful treat. sometimes the recipe doesn't always turn out so well and what you're left with maybe doesn't taste so well. you try and try again to get things just right and after many times it turns out alright.sometimes in life and you don't always get to choose sometimes you win and sometimes you can be what you make of it so don't give up just yet .sometimes life's recipe takes time and remember how special that treat will be that you will get


  • Jun 12, 2020

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