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There's a few words I wanna say
I'm still hurting so much everyday 
No one knows the pain that I feel
Or how hard it is for me to deal
Some connections was thru love
But my connection was thru blood
& We shared the same last name
I have a different kind of hurt/pain
Lil Bro this has taken a tole on me 
I don't know how 2 cope honestly 
Since the day u left ive been down
It's hard asf not having you around
I don't understand & this ain't fair
I just wish that I cud of been there 
I wish I cud of been there for you
2 help with wat u were going thru 
Bro you always stayed on my mind
I thought about you all of the time
But deep inside I don't understand 
I know leaving us wasn't the plan
2 accept ur gone is hard 2 believe 
It's even harder for me to grieve 
Grieving the lost of my lil bro 
Is gonna be 2 hard asf u know
I know GOD makes no mistake 
He knows how much we can take
But I can't  do this one by myself 
I'm really gonna need a lot of help
This πŸ’” ain't gonna heal so easily
Bro be my Angel & watch over me
My love & my words are so real
I don't think my πŸ’” will ever heal
I say I luv u with tears in my eyes 


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