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   Each moment in our lives, we make decisions every single day. Whether it's as simple as choosing what outfit to wear or as frightening as running into a building to save someone while it's on fire we always make decisions. Some decisions are more complicated than it is, and we must always remember that our actions may not always bear the fruit which we expect. With that being said, I believe that it's important for us to know what the reason is we're doing something. Is it for our own ends, or is it truly for the reason we want it to be. Our world is in need of people that genuinely care about issues who seek the answers to fox them.
   I know deep down I am one of these people who cares about these issues, but always take a step back to look at the reason why. Is it to help me, or is it really to change the world? I want to help Change the world, make people's lives better, find ways of supporting my fellow man. I always worry about where my choices may lead us, but know that we all matter. This has been a long journey for me, and will continue to be a difficult one.

   "A man who seeks to better mankind, is one who rarely holds wealth."

    I believe this statement is true, as whenever we make our choices to help, we often don't get nearly as much in return. It is a struggle to hold your head to higher values in this age of greed and deception. It is possible the fruits of our labor die after fruiting with us, but we should always remember the reasons for what we are doing. Our choices are what mostly define us as well as trying to take shortcuts.
   To me, there is no shortcut to being a good writer. I do not cheat my way through social media platforms to falsely identify myself with different groups for follows. I am real, and would much rather be willing to garner support by being real than lying about the context of what I believe. Whether people share my ideology, I will show you respect until you treat me unjustly. I do everything I do, make the choices I do, or say the things I do because I feel it is right or justified.
   I think in this age we have forgotten about what we represent as soon as we take up a symbol or take a pledge. We swear loyalty to something without realizing what it means or what we've become. We falsely identify ourselves, to become part of the group or an idea which truly doesn't reflect who we are inside. It is a difficult time we live in, one filled with corruption and people who steal in other people's names. It is important though to reflect on the choices we make, because each time we make one of those choices it will affect what happens next. Always remember, when it comes to being right or wrong we don't always know the answer. The only answer which we know for certain, is if we do nothing the nothing will be done. This is not the kind of path we should be willing to take for us all.
   I would be much more willing to see a better society, then one ruled under someone who is abusive or destructive. To me, each life on the streets matter. This does not mean I support the actions of each individual. I often hear police officers complaining about their lives. I would ask these people though, do you have any idea what the lives are of the people you are harming? Do you care that your actions may have a harmful effect on the next generation who is watching you. What you are see ing now is the resulting anger and hatred bred from the hate and maltreatment they have faced for generations. I care for your lives, but you must be willing to prove you care about their lives .
   You cannot demand that respect, you cannot force someone to give it to you, you must prove you are worthy to earn it. We are not very different, because I must operate the same way. I do not demand support, I do not ask for followers, I earn them by reaching out and being myself. By caring about their lives and being true to the person I am. I believe most of us should represent this type of existence; no matter what your gender is, your profession, or your ethnicity.


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